Friday, May 13, 2016

Travel Day (day 9)

Yesterday was a long travel day! It rained pretty much the whole day. We left Salzburg at 10:00 and arrived at our hotel in Lucerne (Switzerland) at 8:00!  At the beginning of our trip we were detained about an hour getting through a LOOONG line of traffic.  It was irritating because I knew just how far we had to travel!  During that hour Rafe had to go potty TWICE so since we were at a standstill we were in stop and go traffic Kendra just opened the door and let him go!  It was pretty funny.....especially from Skylar and Sarah's view from in the car behind us!  :-)  Anyway, we stopped for lunch just past Munich and a couple of potty breaks but we drove until we got to Zurich and then stopped at the Lindt Factory and store.  They do not offer tours of the factory like some others do but there was plenty of shopping for us to do.  We wanted to get some to take to family and friends back home!

Lindor balls galore!!

My basket of chocolates

Henry got a hold of a sample and went to town!!

The fam!

After the Lindt Store we stopped at an Italian restaurant called Da Toni's and had some pizza/pasta.  The kids were really hard to control tonight in the restaurant.  After all they had been in the car all day and were ready to roam. 

Here's Scoutiroo enjoying her spaghetti!!

We are in the Ibis Budget Hotel.  And let me tell you it IS a budget hotel!  Very small and very basic.   We were ALL ready to be anywhere but inside that car last night so it worked.  We don't really have a plan so we'll grab some breakfast this morning and  then make a plan for the day.

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