Thursday, January 27, 2011


Last night we were able to go to the Jazz game with Trent and Kathy. Last week after our anniversary date, Rick and I came home to a bottle of sparkling juice and chocolates on our bed with a nice card from Kathy. Inside the card were 2 tickets to the game. Holy Cow!! They were GREAT seats. Come to find out Trent had recieved 4 tickets from work and they were nice enough to share with us!! Last night we all went up to Energy Solutions to see the Jazz play the San Antonio Spurs.

For Christmas I purchased some Jazz tickets to put into Rick's stocking. It just so happened that they were for this same game (not as good of seats though) so we told Kendra to find a date and join us. She brought along her cousin Seth and we all had a good time:)

Even though the Jazz lost it was fun to be there and feel the excitement!! Oh yeah...Kendra has been wanting a Jazz jersey for a few months now so look what she bought herself while she was there. It's a good thing she makes her own money 'cause she likes to spend it:) Fun night!! Thanks Trent and Kath!!


Last week Rick came running into the house and dragged me outside to see this......It totally looked like the mountains were on fire!! This was to the east over Settlement Canyon.....

.....and this was to the west over South Willow. Incredible!! I love Grantsville's beautiful sunsets!!


This picture is totally out of order because I accidentally erased it further into the post. But I like it so I had to put it back in even if it is at the top:)

The weekend of the MLK holiday the Phelpses and the Bakers headed up to Brighton Ski Resort for a few days of fun. Theis is the snowdrift outside of the Brighton Chalets where we stayed. It was amazing!!

Most of us in the group got to go snowshoeing around Silver Lake. It was quite pretty and a pretty good workout too.

Rick stopping for a break!! He was thirsty!!

Me and Kenni. Fun Times!!


Kallie turned 16 earlier in the month and I haven't been able to post pics. Here she is with her awesome cake made by none other than big sis Julie!

I love this picture of all the cuzzins....aren't they a cute bunch!!
Happy Sweet Sixteen Kallie!

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Today is mine and Rick's 22nd anniversary!! I wish I knew how to scan a picture to my blog so you would all be able to see how we looked 22 years ago. Let me help you visualize....I had permed hair and VERY tall bangs. I was wearing a mermaid style dress with huge puffy sleeves and a headband veil with a pearl drop right in the middle of my forehead. Rick was wearing a white tuxedo and looked VERY handsome. I recieved my endowments early in the morning and then after changing into my wedding dress we had a white wedding in the East Sealing room of the St. George temple. After having lunch with the family at Sizzler we headed back to Vegas to get ready for the reception that night. My colors were teal and seafoam with a little bit of peach. My bridesmaids wore seafoam dresses. I had 4 of them. At the reception there were sandwiches and goodies and of coarse the cake which we served. favorite! We had a small program where my brother sang the Mac Davis song "Fall in Love With Your Wife" and then Rick sang a song to me..."So Near the Angels." After our lovely evening we headed out to Imperial Palace for 2 nights. We got to stay in a room called 'The Love Tub' courtesy of one of my bridesmaids who worked there. (and yes, it did have a love tub:) We headed out Sunday morning to northern UT where we had a weeks stay at a condo in East Canyon. The rest, as they say, is history!!
I am very blessed to have married the kindest most selfless man I know (I'm sure some of you wives would have to disagree) but to me it's the truth!! Rick is truly my best friend and we have had these wonderful 22 years together. Life has been very good to us!! I'm ready for the next 30 to 40!!


Last night Kendra and I were watching a chick flick as Rick had taken Gary snowboarding. I had gotten a call from Rick while he was on the lift and we spoke for just a few minutes. A few minutes later he called back for something else. Well, a few minutes after that the phone rang again and I saw that the caller ID said Superior Asphalt and I assumed it was Rick again so I answered the phone in a sing song voice saying, "Yes, my darling!" The phone clicked like it was getting bad reception and so I said again, "Yes, my darling!!" Then I hear a man's voice say, "I don't think I'm your darling." To which I said, "You're not? Well who is this? To which I hear Brad say, "This is Brad." OH MAN!! I was laughing so hard and trying to explain myself. Brad was good natured though. After I hung up Kenni and I were rolling on the floor laughing. Maybe this is a 'had to be there situation' but it was SO funny! It's a good thing I can laugh at myself....believe me my family laughs at the dumb things I do all the time!!

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Gary is needing to find a job so tonight I was helping him with some questions on the applications that he was filling out. One of the apps was for our neighborhood grocery store. One of the lines listed all of the areas that are found in a grocery store and asked of which ones he would be interested in. The first was the bakery and right off he says, "NO!" The second was the Deli and again an emphatic "NO!" The next one was floral and he said, "well, yeah."
To that I said, "You want to work in the floral department???"
He then said, "Yeah.........isn't that cleaning the floors?"
I am still laughing as I type this. He's Silly!! I Love Him=}


New Years Day Rick and I went sledding in the West field. No one wanted to go with us so it was just him and I. It was VERY cold but we had a good time. We hooked the sled behind the Ranger and had at it.......
We got movin' pretty fast. Here's Rick after he biffed it. He came out unscathed but as for me I recieved a huge bruise on my leg after hitting either a rock or a frozen cow poopie....I really couldn't tell!!

Happy New Year!!