Thursday, May 12, 2016

Saltzburg, Austria (day 8)

Today has been another wonderful day!

Rick got up early with Sarah and Kendra to drop off our laundry to be done.  While it was being cleaned we had some breakfast at the hotel buffet.  
After breakfast we met across the street from our hotel at the Segway Rental Shop.  Brach, Kendra. Rick, and Skylar took a one hour tour with the segways.  Sarah felt bad because she wanted to go but thought better of it because she is expecting a baby:)  She did hop on before they left and gave it a go though:)  The riders had a guide and she took them to see the sights of the Old Town plus some sights of the movie "The Sound of Music".  They LOVED it!!  Kendra was pretty nervous but got the hang of it pretty quickly!

While the Segway riders were gone Sarah and I took the kids on a little jaunt.  We headed over to the water fountains.  I stripped the kids of their clothes leaving on their skivvies and let them play!!  Rafe was having a blast.  The cold water didn't phase him for at least ten minutes and then it started to hit! Henry and Scout liked the water but didn't get as drenched as Rafe.  

After getting them all dried and clothes back on we walked over to the DM store to get some candy.  We also found a little toy store.  Rafe helped me to pick out him and Henry a car to play with.  It didn't take long after that for our riders to get back and we then split ways doing our own thing today.

Rick and I stopped at Mozart's birthplace and took a tour of the place.  It was interesting reading about his life and of all of his accomplishments.  It sounds like he had a really loving mother:)  His father was a little more stern and demanding of him which I think made him into such a great composer.  A contemporary of his, Joseph Hayden, told Mozart's father that he was the greatest composer to ever live.  WAMozart played for the King his OWN music when he was only five years old.   Amazing!

We found a fun market behind Mozart's house and had some fun........

Flowers (I think these are begonias.)  Whatever, they were beautiful.

Rick found some fresh dates to munch on.

At a little stand we bought some Schoko-Nuss-Brezen for a nice snack!

The Residenz zu Salzburg (Arch bishop's residence) where we listened to a harpsichord performance.

The performer Adrian Sucio did a fantastic job playing the harpsichord.  He had incredible talent!

 Some sights of Salzburg.......

After the performance we stopped by a street painter and purchased a couple of small watercolors of the city from him.  Not sure where I am going to put those yet.  We made our way over to St. Peter's Cemetery and walked through the catacombs.  Not sure what I was expecting there but there were no skeletons to see.  Maybe an empty crypt or two.  I still have to read up on them.

Before we met back up with the kids for dinner we stopped at the Alteste Backerei.  This bakery has been around since 1100 AD.  It still uses the same bread start it did all of those years ago.  

For dinner, at the recommendation of Swen and Gretel Swensen, (who we have worked with at the temple) we had dinner at Laschenskynof.  Swen said, " it was the BEST FOOD IN THE WORLD."  

It certainly was delicious.  Rick and Skylar shared the meat platter for two.  It was loaded!  
They loved it!

Rick and Kendra had this yummy dessert while....

Brach had this one.....

And Skylar had this one!!

It has been a long day and it is time to finish this post.
Good Night!!

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