Sunday, March 8, 2015

So in love....

.....with these little ones!!

They bring me such delight!  We had them all over a few weeks ago and got this fun shot.
My little sweeties:)

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Girls Trip....New Destination

For this years girls trip we decided to go someplace a little warmer than the Oregon Coast.  We were missing Robbie and Ruth from times past so it was just the five of us this year.  We flew into LA and drove down to the fun town of Oceanside where we had a little house on the beach.  The house was smaller and a less luxurious than those we have had in Oregon but the one thing it did have was THE OCEAN just steps from our back door.  We literally walked off of our deck into sand:)  It was really fun watching the ocean, pelicans, surfers, and beachcombers right out our back window.  I will say that it was great having the warmer weather as well.  These pictures are just random but they show a few of the things we saw and did......

We ate out...

We visited the Oceanside Mission

By the fountain.... 
(DeeAnn was napping in the car and Karen insisted on taking the picture and not being in it.)

We did some family names in a session at the San Diego Temple.
I had never been inside.  All I can say is WOW!  So Beautiful.  

We met a nice family from Connecticut out on the temple grounds, Jennifer and her lovely daughters.  We visited with them at length and heard a most wonderful conversion story of this family.  I love how the gospel changes people's lives for the better.  Not so easy at times but so worth it:)

We went to Old Town San Diego.  After the temple we drove the few miles there and had dinner at a fun restaurant with patio seating.  We just enjoyed being together and visiting.  This was such an enjoyable night for me.  Sadly, by the time dinner was over it was dark and Old Town was all closed up:(  We didn't get to peruse the shops and antiquities.  Maybe next time.

Our last day there we stopped at Old Town San Juan Capistrano.  We actually were looking for the Mission and happened upon the Old Town.

We had lunch at Sarducci's after looking through some shops.

Then we walked the couple blocks to the Mission.  The courtyard was really beautiful with a fountain full of lillypads and all kinds of foliage including lemon and orange trees.  We took an audio tour and it was nice learning the history of the Mission.  It was a good way to spend our last few hours in CA.

Old Town

Sunset off of our back deck.

These are just a few random pictures but it was a lovely time with some very lovely ladies.  Everyone  of them is just so darned nice!!  We all got along very well and they even let me have my own room!  I am very blessed to have married into such a wonderful family:)   Here's to great memories!!