Thursday, September 7, 2017

End of Summer Randomness

We have been staying plenty busy through the end of summer.  

Rick and Skylar took a little fishing trip to Wayne County for a few days.  They had a great time catching fish and spending time on Rick's new little fishing boat.  
(Well, it's not new but it's new to him:)

You can tell by these pictures that they had great success!
Lots of fish and lots of stories!!

One Friday date night we doubled with Trent and Kathy.  We started out with Top Golf and then ended up at Spaghetti Factory.  We had a great night playing and then catching up on family news.  You would think that since we are next door neighbors that we would talk all of the time but this summer has been a little different.  T and K have been busy with their foster children Athena and Alethia.  It was great to have a night out just the four of us.

Here's my beautiful little Haivyn.  She and I spent quite a bit of time together after little brother Merik was born:)

During her stay at grandmas she took a tumble down the stairs.  Poor little thing!  Since then she has healed up quite nicely though:)

We got to go to the baptistery to visit our friends from our Wednesday shift.  We got to do baptisms and confirmations for four women on his side and two men on my side:)

Last week I got to have a special date with Rafe and Scout!  We first had lunch at Rhumbi Grill and then went to the Living Planet Aquarium.  It was so cute to see how excited Rafe was in seeing all of the animals.  Scout liked it for a little bit then decided she preferred to push the stroller around.  We spent a couple of hours there looking and admiring all of the wildlife from aquatic animals, to exotic birds, to reptiles, to even a jaguar.  It was really a fun day!

        The kids looking at a spider crab.

                  Our lame attempt at a selfie!

Labor Day weekend is always looked up to in the Phelps home because Labor Day Weekend means....SWISS DAYS!!  While we all had a great time eating fun foods and perusing the many craft booths I did not get ANY pictures of us while we were there:(

This is a last minute attempt to prove that we were really there.

After our full day we stopped in Park City at the Main Street Pizza and Pasta Restaurant.  Rick had trade vouchers to use up so we took advantage of the free food and ate well:)

The very next night we had a fun double date with Skylar and Sarah.  We left the kids home with Grandma Rigby and headed out for the Saturday matinee at The Hale Theater.  The Heart of Robin Hood was the play.  At first Rick and I were not sure about it (because of some crazy rock music at the beginning) but as the play went on we got into it and enjoyed the acting AND the music.  It was very well done!

We ended our evening at Flemings Steakhouse.  The food and company were so great!  We loved talking without any interruptions and just having a nice quiet dinner.

Everyone ordered steak except me.  I chose the pork chop and it did not disappoint.  Everyone was happy with their meals:)

When dessert was mentioned Rick had to choose the Creme Brûlée, cause....well that's his thing.  Sarah ordered the molten chocolate cake with ice cream.  I had a taste of both:)

Our bill though.... this is just four the four of us!   Good thing our meal was (mostly) paid for by Seal Coat Supply in the form of gift certificates.  This is not something we make a habit of.  The food though....WOW!!

That's a rundown of the goings on around here the last couple of weeks.  We're milking the last bit of summer while the weather is still good.  Hate to see summer go but am excited to see fall arrive:)

Charlie turns ONE!

Mr. Charles Rick Phelps turned ONE YEAR OLD on Sunday September 3rd.
Sarah and Skylar invited family over to celebrate.  All of the Rigby family came as well as Rick and I and the Boman family.  Sarah made this darling puppy cake!  She baked the cake on Saturday and then did the decorating after church on Sunday.  It took a little over two hours to get all of the piping done and then add the eyes, nose and and mouth.  It turned out super cute!

Charlie got a plethora of presents.... a toy train, a ball, clothes, jammies and more.  

He enjoyed......

                  ...... a taste of his smash cake and then.......

.......wanted OUT!

                    The Skylar Phelps Family

We enjoy our little Charlie so much!  He loves to be outside roaming around in the grass.  He knows to fold his arms when it's prayer time.  His first audible word is "YES".  When asked if he wants something he emphatically says, "YES"!  He has mastered climbing up the stairs and is doing pretty well at coming down.  He loves his mama and when she is in the room doesn't want to have anything to do with me BUT if she is out of the room he actually will let me hold him:)

Happy birthday to this beautiful blue eyed baby!!  We love you Charlie!

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Merik Alan Riding

Merik Alan Riding

We welcome you to the Phelps Family!

Our sixth grand baby was born on "Solar Eclipse" Monday!  August 21st 2017.  Merik was scheduled to be delivered by C-Section.  We arrived bright and early Monday morning at 6:00 and he was born at 7:45.  He weighs 8lbs 12 oz and is 20 1/2 inches long.   He had some trouble with his oxygen levels so he stayed in the nursery ALL DAY.  (Actually he had to stay in the nursery all the next day as well)  That ended up being ok because Kaitlyn had terrible nausea and threw up pretty much the whole day:(  

She finally got to go into the nursery and see him around 5:00.
Merik has lots of dark hair and favors his momma.  

Yesterday (Tuesday) he was still having troubles with his oxygen and was seeming to be having some withdrawal symptoms of which the doctors were of unsure of so last night they flew him into IMC because it's a bigger hospital with a NICU.

I got to visit him today and he is doing very well.  I was able to feed him and hold him for a half an hour.  They are pleased with how he is doing. 

 He is a beautiful baby and we are happy to have him in our family:)

Kaitlyn and Merik

                               Grandma and Merik

Haivyn is a happy big sister!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017


Last week we celebrated my mom and dad's 


All of my siblings and their spouses met at Pete and Terri's home in Las Vegas for a wonderful Italian dinner cooked by none other than Terri herself.  She had a plethora of food from chicken parmesan to baked ziti to pasta with red an white sauces.  She also had fresh salad and breadsticks!  We had a marvelous time sitting around a huge table visiting and eating!  

After dessert (Marie Calendar pies) we each took time to tell a special memory and give thanks to our parents for their sacrifice and love for us.  It was really special!  Tears were shed by many as we all felt such gratitude for these two.  At the end my mom and dad took the time to share their thoughts and love for us.  I love my family!   We are not perfect and we each have different problems that life has thrown at us but our mom and dad have been excellent examples of love and service through the years.  They have taught us to press forward through difficult times.

What a wonderful night spent with some of my favorite people in this world!
I only wish we could get together like this more often:)

From left to right: Pete, Terri, Kelly Deanna, Scott, Kathy, Vickie, Paul, Janell, Rick, and Mary Ellen.
       (Boyd was there for the dinner but had to run off for his Bishop responsibilities:)

      My parents (Dick and Sherry) and all of my siblings from oldest to youngest.
                  Terri, Deanna, Scott, Paul, Me, and Mare.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Summer Birthdays

Summer has been in full swing here in the Phelps Family!  From family reunions to St. George trips to celebrating birthdays!  It's been a great summer and I am truly sorry that I haven't posted much about it:(

We have a hassle of birthdays in July and August to celebrate...and celebrate we did!
First was Sarah's on the 22 of July.  We had a couples date and got to eat out at The Red Iguana.  It was amazing food and amazing company!

The next birthday celebration, on the 25th of July, was for Kathy.  Darla, DeeAnn, Kathy, and I took a drive up to Park City and had a lunch at The Main Street Pizza and Pasta.  We enjoyed being together and catching up on "what's going on" in everyone's lives.

Then on the 30th we celebrated Kendra Dee's 26th birthday.  She requested a Zupa's lunch so thats what we did!  It was a little chaotic with all of the kids but we enjoyed spoiling our sweet girl!!

Last week, August 8th, was Henry's 3rd birthday!  He got a bunch of dinosaur presents and was really happy about that!  He had a surprise visit from BATMAN (Uncle Matt) which was exciting and scary at the same time.  While Henry eventually warmed up to him, Rafe and Scout did not want ANYTHING to do with him!  HAHA!  After taking pictures with the superhero they went outside and played for a few minutes then Batman had to get on his way!  Sarah made Henry a really cute Batman cake and the kids certainly loved that!!

Lastly,  Mr. Skylar turned 27 on the 10th of August!  He requested a meatloaf dinner and Sarah made him a wonderful carrot cake!  We had a good time sharing memories of this handsome guy and playing a new game he received as a gift.  

It has been a fun couple of weeks celebrating and the next one will be in September for Charles big FIRST birthday!  They just keep on coming.  Life is great!!