Thursday, April 28, 2011


THE EASTER BUNNY CAME TO THE PHELPS HOUSE!! Last Saturday we had an easter egg hunt for the big kids:) It was a little different than in times past. Aunt Kathy had the great idea of hiding the eggs at night and having the kids use flashlights to go searching in the dark. It was great! We had quite the crew and everyone seemed to have a lot of fun. Here is a picture of everyone before the hunt began. (We're missing Gary because he was at work but he made it for the last of the hunt:)

Kendra's searching in the tree.....

The prize egg was the last to be found and the hint was given that it was somewhere in the gazebo.......

Yay for Hannah....,she found it!!

It's such a bummer that this picture came out blurry but this is everyone at the end of their hunt with their goodies! Afterwards everyone came in and played Mafia and then watched Megamind. It's funny how just that morning Rick and I were talking about how the kids were getting to old to do Easter egg hunts. Thanks Aunt Kathy for broadening our minds a little bit. Let's do this again next year!


Gary turned 18 last Friday!! He wanted to celebrate at The Olive Garden and so a big group of us went for dinner. Afterwards we headed home to open presents and share memories. We had a really great time remembering the funny things that Gary has done through the years. His big presents this year were a guitar tuner and an electric guitar case. He was way excited!!

Now it is official....all of my children are over the 18 mark which makes me a mother of ALL adult children. Just Crazy!! Am I really that old??

Sunday, April 10, 2011

boy + girl + ring = eNgaGemEnT

I know this is old news since it has been on facebook for more than 24 hours but MY KENDRA IS ENGAGED TO BRACH BOMAN! Oh happy day! He is an EXCELLENT man and is a very good match for my Kendra. I felt that from the first day that I met him. He proposed on Friday night at the Salt Lake Temple. Here are some fun pictures after they got back home to tell us the news!

Gary is so excited to have Brach as his brother! He loooooves him like crazy!! (they like to wrestle:)........ AND ISN'T HER RING GORGEOUS!!

HOLY COW!!! Kendra and I have got a lot of stuff to do before June 28th (the projected wedding date) Am I up for it? Oh yeah!! Bring it on!


Yesterday was Gary's Jr. Prom. He was asked by Julia Goodworth to be her promenade date and he in turn asked her out ot Prom. They left on their date about noon and drove to SL to a place called Classic Skating. They rollerbladed, played at the arcade and jumped on the tramp. Gary said that it was a GREAT time. They doubled with Wyatt and Sydney.

After Classic Skating they had an early dinner at Olive Garden and Gary loved it!! It's one of his most favorite places to eat. He was disappointed that Julia only got a bowl of soup. He thought that maybe she didn't want him to spend too much on dinner:)

After the big dinner they went home to get ready for the BIG night!

The Promenade....(sorry the picture is blurry, I was far away and had it on zoom)

I loved seeing all the beautiful dresses!!

Julia wore her crazy Pippi Longstocking socks:0

I love my handsome brown eyed Gary boy! (He really is soooo handsome)

New Found Independance

Last Sunday night we had a celebration for Kaitlyn's recent graduation from school and also for getting her CNA Certificate. Julie made a couple of cakes for her (since she is now working in the bakery and Macey's) and they turned out great! Brad, Ruth and Bonnie came as well as the Allens and the Bakers (of course....they live here:) She was able to share some of her accomplishments and some of what she learned while she was at school.

Last week Rick helped Kaitlyn get moved into her new apt. in So. Jordan. I went on Monday to help her with all of the details. (Like filling her cupboards:) She started her new job this past Thursday and is doing well. She works at Copper Ridge Assited Living in West Jordan. She is getting the hang of driving in the big city (with the help of my GPS) and is a very cautious driver. We are so very proud of what she has been able to do. Hip Hip Hooray for new found independance!! Go Kait!!