Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Interlaken (day 12)

Day 12 began with a stop at the gas station down the road from our hotel.  We picked up some yogurt, fruit and pastries to eat on the hour drive it took to get to Interlaken.  We arrived and immediately noticed the many para gliders sailing through the air in above the mountains.  We were pleasantly surprised when we pulled into the town center that the paragliders were landing in a big park just a few shot steps away from where we parked.  They were really fun to watch!

I stopped at the information booth and got some info on the Harder Kulm peak.  We decided that we would take the vernacular up the mountain to the overlook which is 4327 feet above Interlaken.  What a spectacular view of Lakes Brien and Thun not to mention the Jungfrau in the distance.  by the time we got to the top of the mountain the clouds had settled over the peak but we got a good view going up the vernacular.

A panorama of Interlaken

 A shot of Rick and I on the platform.

A selfie coming down the vernacular  (Scoutie's face:)

After a little lunch we each couple went our separate ways to do some shopping.  I have been wanting to buy a music box for my music room and I found one on sale!  Score!

After meeting back together we took a horse and buggy ride of the city.  We all fit on one buggy.....poor horse!

While I stayed in the van and dozed off the kids played at the park.  I was happy to get warmed up.  It had gotten a little chilly.

Afterwards we stopped at this cute place for some pizza.  It was sooo good.  Best pizza on the trip!

Some shots of the city......

A great place to visit, and great people to be with!!

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