Thursday, May 5, 2016

Copenhagen (day 1)

Our first day in Copenhagen!!  We arrived on Wednesday evening long enough to meet Brad and Ruth for dinner in the hotel and then head to bed.  Rick woke up at 3AM and couldn't sleep so he got up and read and answered some e-mails.  I woke up at 5 because our shades were open (we're on the 9th floor overlooking the channel) and full sunlight was streaming in. (It gets light very early here.)  I really wanted to get back to sleep because my body did NOT want to get up but my mind had other ideas........
I got up and blogged while Rick went to exercise and then after getting ready for the day we went down to a fabulous breakfast.  The Marriott (which is where we are staying and is pretty posh:) offered a complimentary full breakfast buffet that we thoroughly enjoyed!  (The croissants are out of this world!!)  After breakfast we walked outside down by the water and took this lovely photo:)

After waiting for everyone to wake up for the day and get their breakfast we were ready to head off around noon.  (We did go back to the room for a nap before the real day started)  When you have 8 adults and 3 small children it takes a while to get moving......We walked down to the walking streets and enjoyed the day there.

Here's a picture of us with a stature of Hans Christiansen Anderson.  Nice photo op.

We walked over to Vor Frue Kirrke (Our Ladies Church) where the original Christus is.  This is what I wanted to see today and the church was FULL of people!  Come to find out today May 5th is a holiday where all Christian churches of the area celebrate the ascension of the Savior into heaven.  The church was getting ready to have a service so the place was packed.  We quickly got in to see the statues (Thorvaldsen's twelve apostles are all here too) and snapped a few photos and had to leave before the service started.  All of the statues had sashes in different colors draped over them.  Hopefully we can get back to get pictures without the sashes.

 The Phelpses in front of Peter.

Our group stopped to get a Polser for a quick lunch at a street cart.  Here's Rick with his.  (BTW he looked at this picture and said, "Man, I'm looking old!"  Well, for someone who got up at 3 this morning, what do you expect??........

 A group shot!!  (Isn't Rafe cute?)  BTW....I love these people!!

So then we saw another street cart that had this amazing looking gelato and we had to indulge.  The chocolate was fabulous!!

After our treat we walked to the top of The Round Tower to get a overview of Copenhagen.  It was a beautiful sight to behold.  We could even see across the channel into Sweden:

Rick pushing scout.

 At the top.....

 Just outside the round tower we found a little stand selling sundries.  Rafe is looking good with his John Lennon glasses!

Then there was a street mime that he got to meet.

Next it was time to get on our flat bottom boat to see the city from the water.  I'm not gonna lie.....It felt good to sit and relax a bit (plus I think I dozed off maybe a little).

A few sights of the city......

Lastly, we stopped at a place that served Italian and Mexican food.  After all it was Cinco de Mayo and it's only fair that I had some fajitas!!  It took forever to get our food and the kids were super loud and cranky so I did feel bad for everyone that sat close to us but....what can you do????

A good first day!!

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