Sunday, May 8, 2016

Copenhagen (day 4)


Today is the Sabbath and it has been great!  We took the bus to the 10:00 Sacrament Meeting and then we've been relaxing in our room for the afternoon.  We took a Sunday nap and also have enjoyed watching the many boats passing by our window filled with people enjoying the spring sunshine!  Across the channel from our room there are thousands of people out sunning themselves on blankets in the grass.  We have been blessed with such wonderful weather on our trip thus far.  For the last few weeks, as Brad and Ruth have told us, it has been very cold, rainy and wet so we truly have been thankful for the beautiful weather!!

Inside the church foyer is a replica of the Christus from Vor Frue Kirkke.

The Savior said, "Let the little children come unto me."

The Boman Family

Ruth, Kendra, me, and Sarah holding our Mother's Day flowers given to us by the Young Women of the ward while the Primary children sang a Mother's Day song:)

The Phelpses

Brad and Ruth & Rick and I.

Forever Love!!

Copenhagen Temple

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