Friday, May 11, 2012

Cinco De Mayo

Last Saturday night we had a Cinco De Mayo celebration! We started out with a delicious dinner of enchiladas and tacos.   Trent made his ever famous Brazilian limonada...yum!  Ever since Rick and I got back from Costa Rica in February we have talked of making 'ceviche' which we ate and fell in love with while we were there. Ceviche is a shrimp (or fish if you prefer) dish made with tomatoes, onions and peppers with lime juice. Well unfortunately, we put way too much lime and it turned out pretty bitter. Now we know what NOT to do when making ceviche. The good news is that with a little sugar and other ingredients we were able to lessen the bitterness from the lime. Anyway, we had a lot of good food and a lot of good company. We had pretty much everyone on our street (Derek was the only one from the Allen clan because they were out of town)plus Candace and her kids were in town staying at the Phelpses so that was fun too. After dinner we played "Limbo" which brought a lot of laughs. It was fun to see everyone get into it. On his second try Trent went down with a knee injury. Not to worry he recovered quite quickly:) Ambry was the winner of that game. (Actually, Sabrina was the real winner but seeing how she is only 4 feet tall we gave a prize to Ambry as well:) Next we played musical chairs with Skylar's Paraguayan music. (Not quite Mexican but believe me it sounded pretty darn close.)  Mark and Taryn fought it out to the very end with Taryn winning out!!  After having some dessert, (Julie's awesome Tres Leches Cake and some churros and ice cream) we settled down to watch "The Three Amigos". It was a fun night to share with family and friends:)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A ride to WY and MT

Last week I rode along on a trip to Jackson, WY with Rick for some business that he had. We stayed 2 nights in Jackson Hole than drove up to West Yellowstone for a night. We got to drive through the park (it just so happened that it was "get into Nat'l Parks free week" so we didn't even have to pay:) We got to see some buffalo, elk and of course, Old Faithful. (Always the croud pleaser) We woke up to snow falling but made it to ID Falls in time to see the beautiful Hailey Phelps marry her sweetheart in the IF Temple. It was wonderful, as always to be with the Phelps family. I love them!! I am truly blessed to carry the Phelps name:)
Kaitlyn, Alyssia, and Gary all celebrated birthdays within the past 2 weeks. I spent a couple of days in St. George hangin' with Kait and then at the end of the week we headed up to Ephraim to spend the afternoon with the others. We had lunch with the bithday kids and then met up at Brach and Kendra's to open presents and have cake and ice cream. The twins just turned 20....(no more teenage days for them) and Gary turned 19. Happy Birthday, kiddos!!