Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Oberammergau, Germany (Days 5 & 6)

Today's post is extra long because it's two days worth.  

Day 5

Yesterday morning we got up early (4:00) to get ready and get to the airport to catch our flight to Munich.  With a taxi and the help of Brad we were able to get there with all of us and all of our luggage.  We were able to sleep on the plane ride (except Sarah and Henry) of an hour and a half.  After picking up our luggage and renting our cars it was finally time to leave the airport.  It seems like with all of us we move like a herd of turtles.......

We drove North towards Dachau and stopped at a McDonalds for lunch.  We ate outside in the warm sun and it was good to let the kids run and play in the play land.  Just right down the road was the reason for our visit.  We stopped at the Museum of the former Dachau Concentration Camp. Rick and I have been to a Concentration Camp Museum before (three years ago in Flossenburg) but we thought it would be a meaningful experience for our kids so we decided to stop here at Dachau since it is so close to Munich.  To be honest, I have been kind of dreading coming here because of all the atrocities that took place in this and so many other camps.  It is unreal to me that people could be so vicious and cruel to other human beings.  I remember all too clearly some of the experiences that I read about when I visited Flossenburg.  I didn't really want to feel those emotions again but in the end I am glad we went. 
 I believe it was important for the kids to experience.

The gate into Dachau reads Arbeit Macht Frei---Work will set you free.  NOT a true statement for the people imprisoned here.

One of the many guard towers.

The camp road.  On each of the sides of this road are the foundations of about 20 barracks where the prisoners lived.  This camp was made for 6,000 prisoners.  At the end of the war there were 33,000 prisoners released from this camp!

After we visited Dachau we headed South towards Oberammergau located in the Bavarian (Southern Germany) Alps.  Below is a picture from our car.  It is amazingly beautiful!!

We are staying at the Hotel Arnika.  Isn't this a cut little German Chalet.  We have been very pleasantly situated here.

Here's a couple of shots of our room.  Our bed is two twin beds pushed together but it works!!:)
I love the down duvet covers!

The view outside of our window!

The view of of Brach and Kendra's balcony!  Truly these pictures cannot do justice.

  We ate at a place in the Zentrum (Center of the town) and had some amazing german food!  Kendra and I had the goulash soup and a salad.  They were so good!  Brach, Sarah and Rick all had traditional German dishes like Schnitzel, Pork Medallions with Spaetzel, and Sausages and it was super delicious!  

Kendra and Scoutiroo having some fun after dinner with the Alps in the near distance.

Day 6

This morning after getting ready for the day and having a continental breakfast provided for us from the hotel Rick and I headed over to the Zentrum to do a little shopping.  The others were still getting ready for the day so we thought we would take advantage of the time.

Wearing our Hotel Arnika slippers:)

I bought a couple of little items on our outing.  In the next couple of days I would really love to find a music box for our Music Room.  We saw one today that I liked but it was VERY expensive so I am still looking.  Also, there are some really cool hats here, and I want to take one home.  We'll see.....I'll do some more shopping before we leave tomorrow.

We went back to pick up the kids around 11:00 and headed to Neuschwanstein Castle.  Here we are getting close.......

I had to get a picture of Scout in this field of flowers!!  She is precious!!

After getting our tickets we had to wait in line to get on the horse drawn buggy for a ride up the mountain.  I was very happy not to have to walk because it is quite the climb!  Here are the kids!

Rafe got to eat a hot dog on the way up!

A group shot.

Neuschwanstein is very impressive!!

Rick with a waterfall in the distance.

Skylar getting a close up of the waterfall with the scope.

A look out of one of the castle's side windows.  I told Rick that this view is in the top three of my favorite views in the world!!  My others are Magen's Bay, St. Thomas VI and Shwangau, Switzerland (where my Reber ancestors came from) looking out to the Alps.

A group shot!

We got to walk down the mountain to our cars in the rain...amidst lightening flashes and thunder crashes.  We all shared some umbrellas, but were all a bit damp at the bottom.  A memory was created.

Who knew the end of the rainbow was in Oberammergau???

Tonight we ate at the Zauberstub'n Restaurant.  I had to have the Goulash Soup again:) It's yummy!!

Sarah ordered Magic Bread and it was HUGE!      PS  Kendra ordered it too:)

Tonight it was my turn to order the Spaetzle.  It was very delish (especially the caramelized onions on top) but way too rich for me to eat.  I ate maybe a 5th of this dish and then sent it around the table for everyone else to share.  They loved it too!

Rick had the jagerschnitzel (I think that's how you spell it)

After dinner we found a park for the kids to play in a bit.  I love this time of the night when I know sleep is coming soon and I get to just chill for a bit!  Rick found out they have a sauna here so that's what he's doing at the moment.  And I am enjoying my quiet time!  Good night!

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