Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Rafe turns THREE!!

Saturday we celebrated Rafe's third birthday!  His mom wanted a tractor theme.  It was really low key and it turned out cute!  We had a build your own sandwich station with Fill Dirt (pudding cups),  Spare Tires (hostess doughnuts)  and Safety Cones (bugles) for the lunch.  There were just a few of us there from both sides of the family but it was a nice time and Rafe was the star!!

Rafe and his cake!!  He chose his candles and got to put them on the cake himself:)

Present time!!!

Hppy Birthday little guy!!


Twenty-five years wasn't enough!!  We had to go for twenty six!  Friday night was our annual Halloween Party.  I was thinking last year might be the last of us hosting this event but with directions from Rick saying, "We can't stop now, it's tradition!".....we kept the party going:)

We began with our traditional dinner of appetizers, soups, breadsticks, and dessert. (plus Rick's homemade rootbeer) It was nice sitting back at dinner and enjoying good conversation.  There were twelve of us total this year because Darla and Larry were out of town (they are usually some of our best costumes!) and Hal and Janis had other commitments that night.  Darrell and DeeAnn work in the temple on Friday nights so they came but not until 10:00 when we were winding down.  

After dinner we played some Halloween Bingo and then a game of Befudium (that S&S bought me for Mother's Day which we had never opened)  We are definitely getting older because none of us even WANTED to stay up to watch a movie.  Well, I guess I shouldn't speak for everyone because so many in this family are night owls, but as for me I was ready for bed by 11:30 .  There was NO WAY I could have stayed awake another 2 hours.  
It was a good time with everyone and we will keep it going........

Dennis--a farmer
Karen--an eccentric lady


Trent--Duck Dynasty knockoff
Kathy-- His hillbilly wife

Brent and Lar--gypsies

The gypsies took home the prize.....

"The Others"

All of us!!!

Rick's Birthday

 Rick's birthday was on the 17th and we made a day of it!  First we made a big breakfast of ham, eggs and waffles and then hurried and got ready to hit the links with our tee time at 10:32.  I was the only girl that went (because the other girls were taking care of babies) and I broke out with the win by 2 points.  Not gonna post my score though because well........none of us did THAT great:)  Frankly, I don't usually like to keep score because I don't want to be in a bad mood all day but when you play with Skylar you HAVE to keep score.  He's sooo competitive......wonder who he gets that from?? :-)

After golfing we went back to the house for a little lunch and rest and then headed off to Staheli Farms.  (See previous post)  For dinner it was all you can eat shrimp at Red Lobster!  Skylar had been talking that up for at least two weeks so we had to give it a try.  While Sarah and I opted for something different (Maple Chicken for me...super delish) everyone else got the shrimp.  They just kept ordering more and more.  Seriously, we were there for nearly two hours!!  

I was glad to get out of that place because next on the menu was.........

The boys discovered this gem when we were all there in April for Road School.
This was Rick's celebratory birthday dessert:)  (I did make him a real cake on Sunday, though)
We each chose four different kinds and then ate them over the next few days!

Then it was present time......
I bought him some sweatpants and a Nike shirt, a remote control car (to play with the kiddos), three white shirts, some shoes and some breath mints!!
Haha!  That sounds funny....me buying him breath mints!  He just likes to have them on hand for Sundays when he talks with lots of people.  Gum is totally tacky!!
He's ready for church now:)

B&K got him a selfie stick and a cute framed picture of the kids!!

Here he is showcasing (goofball) the cool running jacket he got from S&S. 
It's one he can wear in the winter.

                                                             Happy 51 years sweetie!

Staheli Farms

Last week was Rick's birthday and we spent the weekend in St. George with Skylar and Kendra and their families!  On the afternoon of Rick's birthday we packed up the kids and drove into Washington Fields (just a 10 minute drive from our home) to go to Staheli Farms.  Skylar and Sarah had spent some time there last year when they were visiting and suggested that we all try it out.  It was really fun with most of the activities geared toward children:)  There were playgrounds, tractors, races, slides, horse rides, a petting zoo and more.  We all had a fun time wandering around watching the kids' excitement over everything!  

Henry found a little John Deere to sit on.

I was nervous that Rafe would be scared of this horse swing but he loved it!  I kept hearing him yell,,,,Y'ah!!  Just like it was a real horse:)

Henry's getting a ride on Gramp's shoulders.

The horse ride was a hit for Rafe......

.....and Henry.......well, and Brach too:)  
Yes, big Brach got onto a little pony and was led around the pasture!!

We hopped on a wagon to get a ride over to the corn maze.  It was kind of a warm day and I have never been to a corn maze before but I'm sure it's a lot different at night when I believe you are SUPPOSED to walk through a worn maze:)

Rick and I and Rafe with the corn maze behind us!

Skylar and Rafe were the first to make it to the first flag.

Brach and Rafe on the tractor pulled bucket train.

Lastly, a group shot before we head to dinner:)

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Scout turns ONE

Yesterday our precious Scout turned ONE!!  Brach and Kendra hosted a party for her on Sunday in their home in Pleasant Grove.   Kendra wanted to have an Indian theme with the colors of purple, gold, and white.  She made Scout a little tutu and a headband with feathers (In none of these photos can you see the feathers, but I promise they were there.)  Kendra and I worked on the decorations shown below.  She made some cute dream catchers that were hanging on the fence next to the arrow garland above the desserts.
On the menu was Pow Wow Chili Chow,  Indian Cornbread, Harvest Vegetables, and Wild Berries.  On the dessert table were Treats for the Tribe (cupcakes)  Indian Spears (donut holes skewered with an arrow),  Indian Painbrushes (pretzels dipped in candy melt) and Indian Braids (braided chocolate licorice)  I had made the Indian braids that morning before church but in the travels from Grantsville to PG they pretty much disintegrated!  So we served up pieces of licorice instead.  The kids loved them anyway!  It was a fun night with both the Boman and Phelps family represented!

Kendra got this adorable pic!  Isn't she a dolly??

Grandma and Scout

Happy Indian Princess!!

The kids playing out by the teepee that Leesa brought from home.

table decor.....

The food table.
Kendra painted dollar store animals gold to use as food cards.

trying her birthday cupcake...

...and sharing with daddy.

present time
Scout got two dolls which Kendra says she has been loving to play with!

Happy first birthday Scout a Rama!!!