Friday, May 6, 2016

Copenhagen (day 2)

Today has been a BIG day!!  We wanted to go bike riding up to "The Little Mermaid" so after finding the Marriott only had one bike left to rent  Skylar, Sarah, Henry and Rick and I walked over to the train station to rent a some bikes.  After finding them and figuring out how to rent them we hopped on and went for a ride!  It was super fun!  We rode (mostly in the bike lanes except for where there were none and in the construction zones) a couple of miles to reach the statue and took some pictures.  It was a beautiful area surrounded by parks and a beautiful church.  I saw an old fashioned windmill in the distance but couldn't find how to get to it and we ran out of time to search for it because we had to get back to the hotel to pick up the Bomans.  We had been gone a couple of hours and they wanted to take a turn on the bikes.  

After making the switch (S&S kept Scout because we only had one bike with a child's seat) Rick and I made the ride again up to the statue with Brach, Kendra and Rafe. (Yes, that's TWICE we rode up there!)  After getting some pictures we parked our bikes in a little park area where we watched Rafe hit some whiffle balls.  It was cute because there was a big group of Asian women watching him and whenever he hit the ball they would clap and cheer him on.  Rafe was in the zone loving the attention!  He was a celebrity!!  After the park we rode over to a beautiful little stone church.  I walked inside for a few minutes and  the stained glass windows were so bright and beautiful.  Just outside the church was a little crepe stand run by a Romanian man.  Brach I had a sugar and cinnamon crepe while Kendra had one with nutella and coconut and Rick had nutella and banana.  Good stuff and a nice snack.  On our way back to the hotel we rode to Amelianborg Palace and admired the beautiful buildings and watched the guards pacing.  They have the changing of the guards at noon each day.

I loved this little inlet with the sailboats and the beautiful buildings in the background!

Henry fell right asleep on his bike ride.

The Little Mermaid Statue

 The Phelpses got an ice cream treat.

Rafe and Kenni at the little crepe stand.

Me enjoying my sugar and cinnamon crepe.

Standing guard

By the time we finished our bike riding it was close to dinner time.  Brad and Ruth had made reservations at Det Lille Apotek, a quaint little Danish place that has been around for many, many years.  It started as an old apothecary in 1720.  Anyway we really enjoyed the experience of eating traditional Danish food in such a pleasant atmosphere!  

The children did much better tonight!  

Our sampler cheese platter was a hit!

Five of us shared the pork tenderloin special.  It was served with boiled potatoes, pickled cabbage, prunes, and caramelized red potatoes.

The group:)

After dinner (around 7 o'clock) we were all tired but decided to go to Tivoli for a night of amusement!  Henry fell asleep after dinner so S&S decided to head back to the hotel.  I was really hoping to be able to go with them because my feet were hurting and it had been a long day already but B&K were up to it and Rafe (even though he was tired) had been looking forward to riding "the roller coaster" all day so grandma was in and we headed to Tivoli!  We wandered around the park and Rafe rode a number of rides.  Scout was old enough to ride one ride and that was the carousel.  Brach put her up on this giant giraffe and she LOVED it.  After a couple of hours B, K and Rick wanted to go on a ride.  they chose the giant swings.  It is a swing that rises 224 ft high!!  It was a long line and I sat with the kids while they waited......and waited.....and waited to get on the ride.  Rafe curled up in the stroller and fell asleep while I sang songs to calm down Scout.  After not to long she fell asleep too:)   Now that we are back in our hotel room it's time for me to fall asleep.  It's been a great day!!

Brach and Kendra at the entrance to Tivoli.

Brach and Rafe on a ride.

Scout and her daddy on the carousel.

There they go.

 Roller coaster.....pure delight on Rafe's face!

A group shot!

I found me some Ben and Jerry's.  It made my feet hurt less:)

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