Saturday, May 7, 2016

Copenhagen (day 3)

Day three begins with us meeting in the lobby and heading out to the train station.  Today we are riding the A train (Blue Line) to Hillerood to go see Fredricksborg Castle.  We are quite the crew with three couples, three children, two strollers and loaded backpacks!

When we arrive in Hillerood we are a little unsure of how to get to the castle but a really helpful young man offers to show us the way.  His name is Eric and he is 15 years old.  His English is very good and we have a nice conversation as we walk through the walking street to the castle.  On the walking street we pass a bakery and Sarah is all over that!  She went in and bought a  cream puff cake for all to share.  Although I declined everyone else dug in and raved over it!!

Here is a picture of Fredricksborg Slot.  I have been looking forward to visiting this castle since the last time, a couple of years ago.  In this castle are Carl Bloch's original paintings of the Savior's life.  Many of these paintings are shown in our LDS culture and they are stunning!

These paintings are amazing!

 I especially loved this one of the Savior in Gethsemane with an angel sustaining Him.

 I loved the many portraits hanging in the rooms of the castle.  I enjoyed seeing the apparel changes that the royalty wore through the different years.  I also enjoyed seeing the tapestries and artifacts (and I only took a few pictures but there were so many) throughout the castle.  Here are a few........

After our tour of the castle we met up with Brad and Ruth at the Rib House for lunch.  We were all super hungry and the food was delish!  Here's Scout enjoying her chicken nuggets!!:)

 Henry taking a break from lunch to pose for the camera!

Train ride back.......

We needed to spend our leftover Kroner and since tomorrow is the Sabbath this was our last chance to get it done.  Rafe got some new legos that he is SUPER excited about.  I got a magnet for my friend, Peggy and a stuffed bear for Haivyn.  I also was able to find THREE new pair of reading glasses for less than 5 bucks each!  Within the first two days of leaving home I lost both pair of my glasses so I have been using Rick's to read fine print.  I was thrilled to find them!

Kendra spent the last of her kroner on this churro ice cream cone that she's been eyeing for three days now.  Rick thought he would join her.  I had a was pretty good!

While they were in line, exhausted Rafe fell asleep on his daddy's shoulders.  This picture pretty much sums up how I feel tonight.  We have been going and going since we arrived!  We have walked so much my feet are super sore but I am grateful we have been able to see and do so much.  I am ever so grateful that tomorrow is the day of rest.  We are going to catch an early morning church meeting tomorrow and hopefully relax a bit afterwards:)

Good Night, Copenhagen!

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