Saturday, April 11, 2015

This one's for you mom.....

some pictures of your great grandkids!  I know you don't get to see them very often so I thought I'd post some for you.  


She is about to turn 6 months in just a few days.  She is really beautiful in my eyes and I love to hold and cuddle her.  Kendra always has her dressed up so cute and always has a headband on.  Sometimes I take it off so her head can rest:)  She is such a good baby and so easy to babysit.  She is always ready with a huge smile.  She loves Rafe and he can make her laugh like no one else!  She is such a pretty baby and I love when she comes over to visit!  I can't get enough of her:-)


Our little Henry is such a joy!  He was very sick all of last week and this first picture was taken on his way to the Dr's office. It made me tear up when I first saw it.   Poor Henry had a 103 temp for a few days.  Luckily, by the 5th day he was on the mend.  Henry has such a big, happy smile!  He is over 20 lbs now and is a chunk.  He loves his binky and loves to be entertained with books and songs:)  Sarah prepares all of his food and he eats like a champ! He moves from one end of our kitchen to the other in his walker.  We have to roll up the rugs so he can move all around:0 
 I love his towhead hair!! Can't wait until he gets a lot of it:)


Haivyn will turn one next month and is learning how to walk.  Today she took ten steps all on her own.  She crawls all around and we have to cover the stairs going down to the basement so she doesn't tumble down.  Last week she started climbing the first two stairs going up and tumbled back down.  It was so sad:(  We've got to teach her how to get down the stairs.  She has the cutest little baby talk and Rick and I always get a kick out of that.  Her hair is starting to grow (finally) and Kaitlyn can make a little ponytail out of it.  She is super cute!!


Rafe is growing right up.  He is putting two to four words together to make short sentences.  It is so fun to hear him talk.  The other day I was asking him if the screwdriver was in the cupboard and he said, "It is grandma!"  (Except he calls me dammah) I thought it was so cute.  He is way into The Lone Ranger and loves to listen to the theme music as he rides on his stick horse with his cowboy hat.  I have tried 5 times to upload the video but I can't figure out how to get it to work.  I'll have to show you when I see you next:)  Rafe gets so excited to see Rick.  They are buddies.  He likes me too which I am grateful for but grandpa is the fave:)  Rafe and I love to read interactive books together.  It is really fun to see him recognize different trucks and tractors.  He knows what a backhoe is and can recognize one when he sees one.  He's learning his colors as well.

Hope you enjoy this post!!  Hope to see you soon.  Love you mom!

2015 Easter Egg Hunt

This year's Easter Egg Hunt was held on the Friday before Easter due to General Conference being the same weekend.  This year we added a bbq dinner before the hunt and that was really fun having a bunch of people over.  It feels like it's been awhile since we've had a party.  Winter will do that!

We had a pretty good sized group and the two Easter bunnies hid about 200 eggs all throughout the Allens backyard. (D&D serve in the temple on Friday evenings so they missed the party:(  We'd didn't think they'd mind if we borrowed their yard though:) There are LOTS of places to hide eggs around here!  The kids were excited and all had flashlights to go hunting with:)

A group shot before they all head out

Kaitlyn pauses for a photo

One of the Easter bunnies holding little Caleb!

Sarah's sister Mary joined us this year.

Jenni and Chris count their eggs hoping for some prizes!

Justin's all smiles with John making a funny face in the back.

Kaitlyn and Haivyn with Gary on his phone in the background.

The Bomans found the most cash....and they were happy with that!

The Phelpses
Skylar found the most eggs and got the movie Meet the Mormons for that prize.
Look at all of those prizes!

It was a really fun night spent with our grown kids and their cousins:)