Thursday, November 9, 2017

Temple Work

Rick and I are now officially ordinance workers at the Salt Lake Temple.  

We started last week and are now in training.  Last night was our second time to go and it was wonderful.  I love learning the sacred words and having them in my mind as I go throughout the week trying to remember and memorize them.  

PS  Although the temple looked gorgeous last night all lit up I still can't wait for the Christmas lights to be turned on in a few weeks.  

Those Christmas lights turn up Temple Square about a hundred notches:)  

So excited for everything Christmas!!

Fun Times with our Littles

On Saturday we had a little date with Rafe, Haivyn and Scout.  Since Rick had not been to the Living Planet Aquarium we decided to go there.  Safe and Scout were excited to go back.  We enjoyed the experience!  The kids were super excited to show grandpa the different exhibits.  Especially Rafe.  He kept running from one to the other!

We enjoyed seeing the new sloth exhibit (it was really crowded) along with the birds, reptiles, penguins, fish and all kinds of wildlife.

The kids climbing on a leatherback turtle statue.  Not sure who is with them:)

                        Posing on the poisonous frog statues.

With grandpa's help they were brave enough to try the suspended rope bridge.

 Scout wanted me to take a picture with her with silly hats.  After I got mine on she totally ditched me.  No way was she putting one of those on.  I think I got bamboozled!!

                       Rafe checking out the shark snapper!

It was a little hard getting out of the gift shop.  There is no other way to leave the aquarium except through the gift shop.  Of course!  Haivyn was in tears because she wanted a 'mermaid barbie'.  Sometimes no means no and so we left with her sobbing!  But,  it didn't take long to get her sidetracked and then off to dinner it was.

We drove into Midvale for some Famous Dave's BBQ.  It was great!  The kids were all hungry and ate well.  So did we!!  Rick even ordered his favorite dessert.  Bread Pudding!!  We all had a couple of bites and OH BOY, was it delicious!

                         A fun date with these cuties!!!

Halloween 2017

Here's some pictures of our Halloween.

Scoutie (or should I say Rapunzel) is waiting patiently for Rafe's school class parade to get started.

Here comes the parade!!  Rafie is Spiderman!

Skylar and Sarah dressed up as characters from the "Stranger Things" Netflix sow that's all the rage right now.  He was the policeman, Hopper and Sarah was the character,  (I have no idea about these characters other than what they've told me.  I haven't watched this show.)  
Anyway, Henry was "Catboy" and he sure made a cute one.   And Charlie!  Such a darling little monster!!

Here we've got a big and little Superman with little Rapunzel getting ready for the ward trunk or treat.

Haivyn was Anna (from Frozen) and little Merik was a sweet little skeleton:)

Just as I was preparing our fun Halloween dinner (Dinner in a pumpkin) I got a call from Gary telling me that he was in the hospital with severe stomach pain.  The doctors had done a c-scan and let him know he had a blockage in his intestine.  This has been a concern for many years.  After his original accident when he was five, scar tissue had been building up in his intestines.  When he was sixteen that scar tissue caused all kinds of problems and he was in the hospital for two weeks after a serious surgery. They let us know at that time that it would probably come back someday.

Well, this was the day.

Rick and I were able to get to the hospital and with the help of a volunteer Rick was able to give Gary a blessing.  He blessed him that he would not have to have surgery and that it would resolve on it's own.  And that's exactly what happened!  By the next morning he was feeling significantly better and by that evening he was allowed to eat which went well and by the net morning was released to go home.  The Priesthood is real and prayers work!  We saw a miracle in his behalf.  We are so thankful that another surgery was not needed.  That just adds to the scar tissue.  So thankful!!

Even though Gary was in pain that night Rick kept him laughing with Brian Regan jokes. (Say eight, say eight!)

Gary was very bored in the hospital so before my temple shift the next day I spent a couple of hours hanging out with him.....walking the halls, talking about his job, and of course playing some games.  Settlers of Catan is one of his and my favorites!

Needless to say our Halloween night turned out a little differently than expected.  We missed the trunk or treat and the fellowshipping that comes with that.  (We're ward missionaries and had invited a number of people to come.)  Plus, we missed out being at home and passing out candy to our trick or treaters and watching our fun Halloween show!  But all's well that ends well and our Gary is definitely more important than all that other stuff.  We're really happy that he is feeling good and back to normal!

Monday, October 30, 2017

Halloween Party 2017

Friday we had our annual Halloween Party.  It's our 28th year!  We were missing a few.  Ken and Rob because of health.  DeeAnn and Darrell because of their temple assignment and Hal and Janis because of a new grand baby being born.  While we missed them we still had a nice time.  

Here is our group photo!  (Darla is not in because she was taking the picture.)
Brad and Ruth always come as themselves:)

Rick and I dressed up in 50's garb.
He got off pretty easy with this one.....which he was happy about:)

Trent and Kath as Santa and his little admirer.

Karen and Dennis as tourists.

Larry and Darla as Mr. Clean and Rosie the Riveter.

Our parties seem to get more laid back with each year.  This year we had a wonderful spread of food. In fact we had so much that we took home more than half of what was brought.  
I need to think things differently for the food next year.

We had two kinds of chili and two kinds of soup with a relish tray and other appetizers including pot stickers, taquitos, and chicken firecrackers.  Those from Idaho brought a plethora of desserts as well.  I personally loved Karen's apple cake with caramel sauce as well as her butterscotch dessert:)

We played a couple of small games but mostly enjoyed talking and visiting.
This has been a fun tradition for so many years!