Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Rafe turns THREE!!

Saturday we celebrated Rafe's third birthday!  His mom wanted a tractor theme.  It was really low key and it turned out cute!  We had a build your own sandwich station with Fill Dirt (pudding cups),  Spare Tires (hostess doughnuts)  and Safety Cones (bugles) for the lunch.  There were just a few of us there from both sides of the family but it was a nice time and Rafe was the star!!

Rafe and his cake!!  He chose his candles and got to put them on the cake himself:)

Present time!!!

Hppy Birthday little guy!!

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  1. That birthday cake looks really clever!! And the whole party sounds fun. Isn't Rafe a darling little SMART three-year-old?? What a cutie!!