Thursday, November 5, 2015

Halloween Festivities

Before it gets to far into November I need to post about our Halloween festivities!  We had our family out last friday night the day before Halloween.  Most everyone dressed up in costume and we had a really great evening!  We had some fun festive Halloween foods with Dinner in a Pumpkin being the star of the show.  I had been anxiously awaiting October 30th to final make my dinner in a pumpkin.  The kids loved it!!  (They always do:)  We had quite bit of variety on the table from egg rolls, to chowmein , to hot wings, to a cheesball and crackers.  Rick, of course, made some root beer and I had made some pumpkin cupcakes earlier in the day for dessert.  

After dinner the toddlers had a short relay with Henry triumphing as the winner......crying all the way to the finish line:)  We also had the kids do a bean bag toss and that was super cute!!  Those kids are so fun!!  Afterwards some of us played a new game that John had brought called Wasabi.  Brach and Kenni came out on top for that one with Rick and I being dead last:)  After games we snuggled downstairs in the TV room, in front of the fire, with pine nuts and chocolate to watch Charade.  (Sorry that was kind of a weird sentence!)  We all fell asleep before the end!  What a great night!!

The Phelpses
Sarah-- Betty 
Henry-- Bam Bam

The Ridings
John--Crash Test Dummy
Haivyn-- Princess

Rafe--The Lone Ranger

Scout--Black Kitty
(Kendra had made a cute black tutu for her costume but left it at home:-(

Witches Brew

Bean bag toss....

The table looked great!
Sarah and Skylar bought the placemats for my birthday.  I was excited to use them!

A (small) group shot

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  1. That bubbling Witches Brew looks absolutely DELICIOUS!! I'd love to have a nice cold glass of it, Right Now!! ha! Your whole party sounds fun and looks delightful! (Brach and Kendra were like the Brad and Ruth of OUR party, eh?--not choosing to Dress Up??) :) That's fine. Sometime WE don't dressup much either, and it's just fun to come and be together!! Glad you had this gathering and I'd be curious to know what soup you put in your Pumpkin Shell.... ? Love, Karen

    PS. I haven't known for a long time what my password to my blog account is, so I haven't been able to make comments until just lately---I got wise and CHANGED my password, so now I can access stuff!!!