Thursday, October 15, 2015

Scout turns ONE

Yesterday our precious Scout turned ONE!!  Brach and Kendra hosted a party for her on Sunday in their home in Pleasant Grove.   Kendra wanted to have an Indian theme with the colors of purple, gold, and white.  She made Scout a little tutu and a headband with feathers (In none of these photos can you see the feathers, but I promise they were there.)  Kendra and I worked on the decorations shown below.  She made some cute dream catchers that were hanging on the fence next to the arrow garland above the desserts.
On the menu was Pow Wow Chili Chow,  Indian Cornbread, Harvest Vegetables, and Wild Berries.  On the dessert table were Treats for the Tribe (cupcakes)  Indian Spears (donut holes skewered with an arrow),  Indian Painbrushes (pretzels dipped in candy melt) and Indian Braids (braided chocolate licorice)  I had made the Indian braids that morning before church but in the travels from Grantsville to PG they pretty much disintegrated!  So we served up pieces of licorice instead.  The kids loved them anyway!  It was a fun night with both the Boman and Phelps family represented!

Kendra got this adorable pic!  Isn't she a dolly??

Grandma and Scout

Happy Indian Princess!!

The kids playing out by the teepee that Leesa brought from home.

table decor.....

The food table.
Kendra painted dollar store animals gold to use as food cards.

trying her birthday cupcake...

...and sharing with daddy.

present time
Scout got two dolls which Kendra says she has been loving to play with!

Happy first birthday Scout a Rama!!!

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