Thursday, October 15, 2015

Daytona Beach

At the first of this month Rick and I took and trip with John and Kaitlyn and Haivyn to Daytona Beach.  We have been planning this trip for about 6 months now.  We flew in on a Monday and stayed a whole week at the Daytona Regency right on the beach.  We enjoyed our time there and got to do some fun things.  John had never been further east than Colorado so this was a completely new experience for him.  Here are some random photos of some of the things we did while we were in Florida.

I spent time by the pool while Haivyn napped and the others played in the ocean.  John tried surfing for a few hours and then gave up.  The waves were getting the best of him!  The water was super warm and Haivyn loved it!  We spent quite a bit of time at the beach and pool!

We visited Ponce De Leon Lighthouse and climbed all 206 steps to the top!

Grandpa and Haivyn enjoying the view!

Went to Universal Florida and visited Diagon Alley.  Pretty Cool!  This building was the Gringott's something or other.  (Candy Store I guess because it was full of candy and treats including Bertie Bott's Jelly Beans)  I have more pics of Diagon Alley plus the Hogwart's express but they all must be on Rick's phone:(

Tool a tour of Angell and Phelps Chocolate store and tasted some chocolate covered potato chips.  Yum!

Visited St. Augustine and had a fabulous Italian dinner there.  We also picked up some specialty popcorn to snack on during General Conference. (Which by the way we watched at the nearby church on Saturday and then on my computer on Sunday.  It was awesome as always!)

Rode beach cruisers on the beach.
Look at the size of those tires.

Ate at Bubba Gump's.......and Sonny's BBQ.......and Joe's Crab Shack.....and one day we bbq'd at the condo and made our own grub!

John and Kait tried some gator tacos!

I made friends with this one!

We took an airboat ride outside of Orlando before our flight to come home.
Isn't Haivyn cute with her earphones???

Held a baby gator

all except me.

Little darlin' having a snack!

and last but not least....ran into a flock of seagulls!

That pretty much wraps it up.  Saw and did some fun stuff!

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