Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Rick's Birthday

 Rick's birthday was on the 17th and we made a day of it!  First we made a big breakfast of ham, eggs and waffles and then hurried and got ready to hit the links with our tee time at 10:32.  I was the only girl that went (because the other girls were taking care of babies) and I broke out with the win by 2 points.  Not gonna post my score though because well........none of us did THAT great:)  Frankly, I don't usually like to keep score because I don't want to be in a bad mood all day but when you play with Skylar you HAVE to keep score.  He's sooo competitive......wonder who he gets that from?? :-)

After golfing we went back to the house for a little lunch and rest and then headed off to Staheli Farms.  (See previous post)  For dinner it was all you can eat shrimp at Red Lobster!  Skylar had been talking that up for at least two weeks so we had to give it a try.  While Sarah and I opted for something different (Maple Chicken for me...super delish) everyone else got the shrimp.  They just kept ordering more and more.  Seriously, we were there for nearly two hours!!  

I was glad to get out of that place because next on the menu was.........

The boys discovered this gem when we were all there in April for Road School.
This was Rick's celebratory birthday dessert:)  (I did make him a real cake on Sunday, though)
We each chose four different kinds and then ate them over the next few days!

Then it was present time......
I bought him some sweatpants and a Nike shirt, a remote control car (to play with the kiddos), three white shirts, some shoes and some breath mints!!
Haha!  That sounds funny....me buying him breath mints!  He just likes to have them on hand for Sundays when he talks with lots of people.  Gum is totally tacky!!
He's ready for church now:)

B&K got him a selfie stick and a cute framed picture of the kids!!

Here he is showcasing (goofball) the cool running jacket he got from S&S. 
It's one he can wear in the winter.

                                                             Happy 51 years sweetie!

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  1. So Glad his birthday was so fun--and delighted that you got to spend it in such a FUN PLACE!! :)