Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Staheli Farms

Last week was Rick's birthday and we spent the weekend in St. George with Skylar and Kendra and their families!  On the afternoon of Rick's birthday we packed up the kids and drove into Washington Fields (just a 10 minute drive from our home) to go to Staheli Farms.  Skylar and Sarah had spent some time there last year when they were visiting and suggested that we all try it out.  It was really fun with most of the activities geared toward children:)  There were playgrounds, tractors, races, slides, horse rides, a petting zoo and more.  We all had a fun time wandering around watching the kids' excitement over everything!  

Henry found a little John Deere to sit on.

I was nervous that Rafe would be scared of this horse swing but he loved it!  I kept hearing him yell,,,,Y'ah!!  Just like it was a real horse:)

Henry's getting a ride on Gramp's shoulders.

The horse ride was a hit for Rafe......

.....and Henry.......well, and Brach too:)  
Yes, big Brach got onto a little pony and was led around the pasture!!

We hopped on a wagon to get a ride over to the corn maze.  It was kind of a warm day and I have never been to a corn maze before but I'm sure it's a lot different at night when I believe you are SUPPOSED to walk through a worn maze:)

Rick and I and Rafe with the corn maze behind us!

Skylar and Rafe were the first to make it to the first flag.

Brach and Rafe on the tractor pulled bucket train.

Lastly, a group shot before we head to dinner:)

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