Thursday, October 1, 2015

Birthday Time

Yes, it's true!  Another birthday has rolled around and I am another year older!  Rick and I started the birthday celebrations on Friday the 18th with some shopping.  I bought an awesome pair of jeans from Maurice's that I am excited to wear!  The only problem was the length.  Why do jean makers think that everyone has an inseam of 44.  Seriously, they were at least 8 inches too long!  So my jeans are getting hemmed before I can wear them.   After shopping we got checked into our room and then went to dinner.  Back to The Five Alls!  No surprise there.  It's my favorite place for dinner:)  That night we stayed in the Palace Suite at the Anniversary Inn.

Outside of Five Alls

Some pics of our pretty room.
Rick ordered the fresh rose petals around the bed and the box of chocolates on the table.  The cupcakes are complimentary:)  The left window in the bay leads out to a deck:)

The next morning we went to the Downtown Farmer's Market.  This is such a fun time of the year to hit the market (as compared to June) because there is a plethora of fruits and vegetables available.  I went specifically looking for some more fresh peaches.  We tried five different booths before finding the sweetest tasting.

Rick loves strong cheeses.  Here he is giving some a taste.

I love to go by the bakery booths.  Their breads are SO beautiful!
Plus the pumpkin bread found here is THE BEST!

Speaking of pumpkins........
Aren't these lovely!  They were asking Fifty Dollars for that giant pumpkin.  FIFTY DOLLARS!!
Luckily I had three of them waiting for me at home in my garden:)

Ahh.... Ruby Snap!  Couldn't pass those up:)

After the Farmer's Market we found us a Firehouse Sub Shop because seriously those are the BEST sandwiches anywhere.  Quiznos is a close second, though.  I know that Skylar and Sarah (and Gary because he works there) love Jimmy John's but for me it's Firehouse!  After a little more shopping  (I got some new necklaces and earrings and some much needed Bath and Body) we headed home.  S&S and Kendra came out to spend the evening. (Brach was at his parents watching the late BYU game)  We had dinner at Casa and then three wedding receptions to get to so they basically took our whole evening.  I felt bad but knew that we were all going to be together on Sunday.  Kallie Baker was reporting her mission that day and after church and her luncheon all of our kids (minus Alyssia) came out to celebrate my birthday.  Rick bought a Costco chocolate cake to celebrate with:)  It was good to be with everyone!!


My birthday continued into the next day when my visiting teachers (Peggy and Teresa) took me out to lunch to Applebees.  It was a nice visit with them and a good way to end the weekend festivities!

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