Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Twenty-five years wasn't enough!!  We had to go for twenty six!  Friday night was our annual Halloween Party.  I was thinking last year might be the last of us hosting this event but with directions from Rick saying, "We can't stop now, it's tradition!".....we kept the party going:)

We began with our traditional dinner of appetizers, soups, breadsticks, and dessert. (plus Rick's homemade rootbeer) It was nice sitting back at dinner and enjoying good conversation.  There were twelve of us total this year because Darla and Larry were out of town (they are usually some of our best costumes!) and Hal and Janis had other commitments that night.  Darrell and DeeAnn work in the temple on Friday nights so they came but not until 10:00 when we were winding down.  

After dinner we played some Halloween Bingo and then a game of Befudium (that S&S bought me for Mother's Day which we had never opened)  We are definitely getting older because none of us even WANTED to stay up to watch a movie.  Well, I guess I shouldn't speak for everyone because so many in this family are night owls, but as for me I was ready for bed by 11:30 .  There was NO WAY I could have stayed awake another 2 hours.  
It was a good time with everyone and we will keep it going........

Dennis--a farmer
Karen--an eccentric lady


Trent--Duck Dynasty knockoff
Kathy-- His hillbilly wife

Brent and Lar--gypsies

The gypsies took home the prize.....

"The Others"

All of us!!!

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  1. This was really a nice, fun party and I sincerely appreciate you keeping it going! We have been to your Halloween Party ALL 26 years, I believe, and it's been wonderful every single time. We DID have fewer people at it this time than we ever have in the past, but I thought it was at a GREAT TIMING, and we just really enjoyed getting to come and participate with everyone. Thanks for all your work, Janell!!