Friday, July 25, 2014

Wife of thy youth

At the beginning of the year Rick and I set a goal to read the Old Testament this year.  We determined that if we read four pages a day we could do it.  While I have loved reading about the many wonderful events that have taken place in the OT it has not been an easy task. There is a lot that is unpleasant to read.   Anyway.....we're getting there.

Today while Rick and I were at the airport waiting for our connecting flight Rick was trying to get some reading in.  He is in Proverbs and I am a little further back in Psalms:)  (I've had a busy week and have fallen behind:(  Anyway...I looked over and saw the heading and thought it was sweet.  It read, "Rejoice with the wife of thy youth".  I pointed it out to Rick and smiled and said, "That's me."

A few minutes later he nudged me and smiling pointed to the passage that the heading was referring to.  The full verse reads....and I am not kidding...."  Let her be as the loving hind and pleasant roe;  let her breasts satisfy thee at all times; and be thou always ravished with her love.

We both had a good laugh at that and I said,  "That was clearly written by a man!"

Oh the things we can find in the scriptures!!

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  1. Ha ha!! oh how funny!! I read this and was really laughing, so had to read it to Brian. We both got a good laugh, thank you!! I hope Rick is enjoying the Wife of His Youth. :) Too funny!