Sunday, July 6, 2014

Phelps Family Reunion 2014

Over the fourth of July we had our annual Phelps Family Reunion.  It was held at Deer Creek Reservoir up Provo Canyon just outside of Heber City.  Darla and Larry were in charge and did a great job.  We arrived on Thursday around 4 and set up camp.  We enjoyed visiting family members as they pulled into camp.  Kaitlyn and Haivyn came with us.  (John had to work)  Skylar and Sarah and Brach an Kendra each had a tent close to our RV spot.  
Some fun things that we did at this reunion are:

Roasted S'mores by the campfire
Games and Piñata for the kids
Flag raising ceremony
Midway City Fireworks show
Playing at the Reservoir
Fishing (The guys of course:)
Playing Dominion
Clothing Exchange
Bake Sale
Auction (to help with funds for next year)
Family Program
Visiting family that we don't get to see very often

It was a nice time although it was very hot!  Thankfully it cooled down at night.  Yes, I even needed a blanket in the trailer.  The mornings and evenings were quite nice.  Here are some random photos....

Rafe and Jack (Iris in the background)

Haivyn giving me a smile

Sarah getting out of the sun at the reservoir

Brach trying out Rick's new float tube 

Kaitlyn, Kendra, and Rafe getting their feet wet

Rafe shooing us his toothy grin

Rick and Sky in the raft

Starting the family program....

and more on the other side

Rick and I

Playing games at the pavilion

Some of the auction crowd

Auctioneer Blaine and Melissa as his assistant

Sky catching some zzz's after his early morning fishing trip

That's it.  I'm not the greatest photographer but at least I got a few pictures to document this year's reunion:)  We had a great time!  It's always good to be with family:)

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  1. Well--what GREAT coverage on the Family Reunion! Cute pictures--especially that picture of Rafe, showing off his 'toothy grin'. Isn't he a Doll??! It WAS a fun reunion, and I'm really glad we got to go to it this year.