Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sarah's Superman Baby Shower

For weeks now Kendra and I have been planning Sarah's baby shower.  Sarah told me a couple of weeks ago that she wanted to have a superman shower and sent me some ideas from pinterest.  I took the ideas and ran:)  There was a lot of effort in getting everything ready but these are the kinds of things that I like to do.    I was really busy until right up to shower time so all of the pictures that I got were pretty much after the shower was over.  And I didn't get any pictures of the food!!  I always like to get a shot of the buffet table......but not this time.:( 
 I knew that I wanted this shower to be out on my back patio so I was hoping for a less warm day.  The shower started at 11 am and it was starting to warm up pretty well by then.  Luckily, we were under the shade of the patio and every once in a while we got a nice breeze coming through.  Over all it was doable.  We had about 20 something people come and we all had a nice time visiting.  The guests 'showered' Sarah with lots of diapers and baby clothes.  Her mom bought her the stroller she has been wanting and I got her the diaper bag that she registered for along with a plethora of baby boy clothes that I have been collecting over the past nine months:)

A shot of me and Sarah

Skylar showed me this cute onesie a couple of months ago that Clyde and Sharon had bought for them and I knew it had to be hanging somewhere at the shower:)
It has a cute cape in the back.

This backdrop looks hideous in this picture but really it wasn't so bad.  
It was a backdrop for the food table.

This was our menu.
We had a brunch so we had a variety of breakfast casseroles, a yogurt parfait bar, muffins, and OJ.

I loved the way the centerpieces turned out!  I found the A-frame stands at Hobby Lobby and had the super hero rules printed up in vinyl.  On the back I had a cute saying of Little Boys are just superheroes in disguise.  There's a larger version of that a couple of pictures down.  Havelah, my nephew's wife, made these cute beanies.  When I found out she knew how to make baby beanies I texted her a couple of pictures that I found online and she said she would love to do them.  I love how they added to the centerpieces.  She did such a good job.  Henry will be so cute in them:()

This was the cake display.  It also had a cute backdrop with a fun banner.  The cake I was disappointed in.  I took a picture to our neighborhood bakery and whereas it is close to the picture that I gave her I felt that it could have looked better.  The bottom layer could have used a little extra something. I wish she would have piped some dots on it or something to pizzaz it up!  And it was lopsided.  It was just meant to be a visual so we didn't cut into it until later and I will have to say that the cake was really delicious despite the way it looked!

Kendra found how to make these cute yarn balls on Pintrest.  I kept going to JoAnns with my 40% off coupon to buy all of the yarn.  Both of my south flower planters had them hanging.  
I thought they were really darling.  I didm't get any pictures of the giant fans I made from wrapping paper I found at Tai Pan.  You can get a glimpse of one in the background.  
I put the superman logo in the middle .

Another picture that isn't very good but I thought these little clothes hangers turned out so cute and added color and thematics to the party.  I got the cute onesies from kmart.

Another beanie that Hav made. 
 Super cute.  
This one is newborn size.  I hope Henry can still fit into it when it gets cooler.

I love this sign.  I used it as another garden stake.

I saw these online from Kmart and bought these at the same time as the onesies.
They were an addition to the centerpieces.

Havelah also made this darling afghan to fit the theme.
She is very talented.  I know it took her a lot of time.  Thanks so much Hav!!

Another shot of the lopsided cake:)

Cake pops as a parting gift.
I am in love with cake pops.  They are so yummy!

Here's Sarah opening her gifts.  Charity Allen and Mary Rigby were her helpers:)

Sarah with her sister Mary and her beautiful mother Sharon.

My two prego girls.
They both look like they have a basketball in their bellies:)

Sarah and her good friend Christina from high school.

A shot of her new stroller

Showers are so much fun to throw and attend.  While it was a ton of work I wanted to make it special for my Sarah girl.  She was very happy with it all and was so very gracious and grateful.  I love her and am so excited for her and Sky to have their little Henry Clyde come to earth.
I can't wait to meet him!
What do you hair or blonde???
I'm thinking blonde:)
A few more weeks and we'll find out!!

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