Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Ellerbeck Mansion

Last night Rick and I had a night out on the town!  We used up some gift certificates to Carver's Restaurant and had a fantastic meal.  I like Carver's because it has a nice atmosphere and good food.  I like to eat at a place that has music in the background and not at the forefront.  It is nice to converse while eating and not have to strain to hear what the other is trying to say.  Too many restaurants these days are just too loud.  More of a party atmosphere.  No thanks, to that.  
I'd rather have a quiet romantic dinner any day:)  
Rick enjoyed the ribs while I had chicken cordon bleu.  So delish:)

After dinner we drove downtown up into the Avenues to Ellerbeck Mansion where we stayed the night.  Yup, another trade voucher was used.  Those things sure come in handy!  We had an enjoyable evening in our Victorian Room...It was actually called the Autumn Room but was decorated in the Victorian style.  We had a huge king bed and a flat screen TV:)  I love watching the Food Network.  (Satellite is such a treat when we are staying away from home because we don't have it there.  We don't watch much TV and if we had a satellite I'm afraid it would be on every night)  Rick loves stations like Animal Planet and Discovery.  Truly,  I think we could really waste a lot of time if we had these channels to watch every night.   And no, TV wasn't the only thing on the menu:)  
Anyway, fun night with my guy!!  

How about that plate of ribs!!
They were gigantic!

Ellerbeck is a quaint little place in a quiet neighborhood surrounded by huge trees.

The front porch.
Our room is in the right corner on the second floor.

A view of the inside. 

The Cathedral of the Madeline is just 2 blocks south of Ellerbeck.  It was fun to hear the morning bell tower chimes playing a nice tune.  For breakfast the innkeeper made us each a Denver Omelet with a side of fresh fruit.  OJ and home made hot chocolate were a treat as well.
After getting ready for the day we took a drive around the area.  Our innkeeper told us that Elder Holland lives in her ward and that his home was just up the street so we had to go check that out:)  Driving around the avenues is nothing new for Rick and I.  There have been many times through the years after spending an evening in town that we have enjoyed driving around looking at the beautiful homes up on the hill.  It's great!

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  1. It's great that you got to have this "night out"! We ate at Carver's with you all a couple years ago before going to Brighton--and while there, I had one of the BEST meals I've ever had! Some years ago, you guys let us use one of those vouchers to stay at the Ellerbeck, and we just loved it. It felt so CLASSY! The ambiance there is really special. Thank you for letting us have that opportunity--and thanks for posting about your recent 'night-out' so I can have these fun reminders! :) Love, Karen