Friday, July 25, 2014

Days of '47 Parade

So yesterday Rick and I took Kaitlyn and Haivyn to the Days o '47 Parade.  It was really cool.  It is the BEST parade I have ever been to.  So many beautiful floats!!  I took over 30 pictures just of the cool floats.  The different stakes in the valley represented themselves very well.  There were lots of old timer cars, bands, horses, carriages,etc.....   think I want to make going this this parade a tradition.

Here's a few pics....

Later that night we had a big shindig at the West Stake Center for a combined stake program and dinner.  There were about 1200 in attendance.  I helped DeeAnn lead the primary children in the song "To Be a Pioneer".  The kids were so cute and did great!  I'm grateful for m own pioneer heritage.  It's wonderful to be a latter day saint:)

Here's something funny....Just as the parade got started President Monson came by riding in a car waving to all of the spectators.  I had never been so close to the prophet before.  I got so excited I sent a text to the kids.  It went like this....
Me:  Just saw Presideooson in the days of 47 parade.

Sarah:  Way fun!  Are you guys downtown?

Me: Yup

Kendra: Lucky!

Me:  There are some pretty cool floats!

Sarah:  I bet!  We saw people setting chairs out like 2 days ago to save their spot for the parade.  Must be quite the show.

A few hours later I reread my text and noticed my misspelling....

Me:  Haha!  I just read my first text.  It was supposed to say president Monsoon:)

Kendra:  um..I think you got it wrong again mom.  HaHa

me:  Oh. My. Word!

Sarah:  I wasn't gonna say anything...hahaha

Skylar:  I think she means president Moonsun.

Kendra:  Bahaha...I love it!

Me:  When I get my iphone 6 for my typing will prove:)

me again: * I mean improve:)

Anyway,  I laughed about that.  My typing is poor on that little i-phone screen but it created some laughs.

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  1. Love your blog...thanks for sharing the parade. The floats were beautiful.