Friday, August 1, 2014


Last week Rick and I took a trip to Illinois to go to two of his extended family reunions.  We had a really nice time.  The first reunion was in a small town by Rend Lake where his cousin Rulauna lives.  We enjoyed a potluck lunch while visiting Rick's aunts, uncles, and cousins.  It was a very hot day but it was a wonderful occasion:)

Rick's mother's siblings and/or spouses
First is Uncle Johnny (we went to visit his wife Faye in the nursing home just a few miles away.  She looks vastly different from the last time I saw her just a few years ago.  Alzheimers is such a terrible disease!) Next is Clara then Uncle Marion (Zuke), Arden's wife,  Noreen, Aunt Nida, Aunt Gay, and Uncle Frank (Tater)

Rick and his cousins along with a couple of his siblings.

On Sunday we went to the Phelps family reunion out in Coulterville. We thought it was going to be held at the city park where it's been held the last four times we've been to the reunion. After visiting the graves of his father and brother and others we drove to the park and no one was there.  We drove around and tried to find where it was held but to no avail.  Anyway, we were just about ready to leave and head for Nauvoo when we got a call from Brent wondering where we were. The reunion was being held in the VFW building......way off of the beaten path.  We never would have found it!  There was no cell service in the building so that was why no one was returning our calls and texts.  Luckily, we were able to enjoy this reunion as well after arriving an hour late!  

All of the pictures we took are on Rick's phone so no Phelps family pictures:(

That afternoon we made the trek up to Nauvoo.  It was about a four hour drive from Coulterville.  We stayed that night in Keokuk, IA.  Just a few miles out of Nauvoo.  We got up early and attended a session in the temple and then enjoyed a layer back afternoon seeing the sights.

The beautiful Temple.

Rick enjoying his after lunch dessert.

As we were finishing up our lunch I heard bagpipes!  I ran outside to see the Nauvoo bagpipe band walking down the street playing their instruments.  It was really cool.  They stopped int he park across the street and put on a nice show.

I love this statue of Josheph and Hyrum leaving Nauvoo to go to Carthage.
They knew they would not be coming back.

Funny sign:)

The corn was gigantic!  At least nine feet tall!

We got to take a short wagon ride pulled by oxen.

Rick bonding with the oxen:)

A nice few days!

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  1. Thanks for taking the time to cover your Illinois trip, Janell. I typed a whole big comment on here the other day when it said you had posted this just 26 minutes earlier, and somehow--I don't know what happened--but somehow when I went to "publish" it, I lost it.
    I was just saying, though, that I'm really glad you got to go to Nauvoo and see and do things there. Wasn't it nice that you got to have a picture of you two in front of the Band??
    And I'm sure happy that you made it to the Phelps Reunion in the VFW hall. That would've been too bad to have you miss it when you came all that way! It was odd to have it there, but I'm sure glad we had the air conditioning! Thanks for taking the time to post these pictures and tell us of your fun time in Nauvoo.
    Love, Karen