Sunday, July 6, 2014

Haivyn's Blessing

Haivyn was given a name and a blessing by Rick in Sacrament Meeting today.  She looked very beautiful in this stunning dress that Lar Phelps (my sister-in-law) made.  Haivyn wore it well:)  She is a beautiful baby! (and of course I am 100 % biased)  Rick blessed her with good health and a character of kindness, compassion, and thoughtfulness.  He also blessed her that she would be a light and strength to her parents and family.  She started wailing in the middle of the blessing....  (Skylar was on binky duty and it completely fell out) so Rick cut it short:)  
Here are a few pictures of the little dolly!
It's times like this I had a really nice camera......

Full length

John, Kaitlyn, and Haivyn

Grandma Nell and Haivyn

A couple of close-ups...

Enough pictures grandma!!

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