Sunday, June 22, 2014

Mantua Reunion Camping

Earlier in  the week we had our family reunion.  Skylar and Sarah were in charge this year and they chose to camp at Mantua Campground just up the canyon from Brigham City.  It was only a little over an hour drive which was really nice.  I have never stayed at this campground before but have wanted to for a long time.  It was a really nice place with lots of trees, a creek close by and a reservoir about 5 minutes away.  We got there on Monday after a small rainstorm so everything was a little wet but we were able to spend some time around the fire and have dinner outside.  After getting settled we had a wienie roast for dinner.  S&S brought some sides to go along with that.  Sarah made some brownies for dessert that were super amazing!  After dark we sat around the camp table with the lantern and played a new game that Rick got for Father's Day.  It is called 'Dominion' and we had a fun time playing that throughout our three days there.

Just around the bend from our campsite was this beautiful field of poppies in full bloom.
It was an incredible sight.  In fact, when we arrived,  in this particular field were two artists painting and one family taking there family pictures.  An awesome spot for that:)

The next day we woke up to cold and rain.  The. Whole. Day.  The boys ventured out early and did a little fishing but most of our time was spent in the trailer.
 Doing things like this.  

We were all stir crazy by the end of the day.  
We did venture out a bit, but was really cold!
Brach and Kendra provided us with a dutch oven dinner. We ate every drop of it!!
John and Kaitlyn arrived this night so they missed the worst of the cold but were able to enjoy eating dinner with us.

The next day it stopped raining and while still chilly we made the best of it and spent most of the day outdoors.  The girls went to watch the guys fish and we lasted about 45 minutes.  We headed back for lunch and a good book....and a little nap.

This guy looked cute in his waders:)

We brought our little raft that our neighbor gave to us.  Heavy on the little.  I think it is only meant for two small people.  Gary had fun rowing out in the middle of the reservoir.  I don't know how that boy did not freeze on this trip.  He wore his swimsuit, a t-shirt, and a light jacket.....
ALL THREE DAYS!  I'm glad I wasn't sleeping in HIS tent:) 

Rafe fishing with daddy!

I don't know what it is about a man and his fishing but I think it's kind of strange.
Why do guys like it so much???

Skylar caught a rainbow trout and Brach caught a good size largemouth bass....along with some others that they released.  They brought these ones back to cook in the fire.

The girls minus Kaitlyn.
She spent most of her time in the trailer with Haivyn who has a slight cold:(

This was our last night and it was great! After a spaghetti dinner compliments of Rick and I we had a wonderful fireside testimony meeting.  Then John and Kait provided the makings for the s'mores.  
It was really nice to be there.
I sure love this family.

Yes, we were missing one child.  Alyssia wasn't able to come....  
Maybe next year:)

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  1. What a nice "Family Reunion" for you! In spite of the cold and damp, you had fun and made the best of everything, it sounds like. In this last picture around the campfire, it looks like Gary's marshmallow is on fire as he merrily grins for the camera! :) That's really a wonderful picture, by the way!
    I'm eager to check out that game, "Dominion". It sounds somewhat 'churchy'--is it??
    It's great that you guys have started having your OWN family reunions--Aren't they FUN? We've suggested to our kids that couples take turns planning our reunion, but so far--they leave most of the planning up to ME. I kinda like the idea of taking turns and I think I'll press for that plan again. Thanks for the idea! (Brent and Lar's family does it that way, too.) We look forward to seeing you in a couple weeks at ANOTHER family reunion! :)
    I'm so glad you take time to post things, Janell. It's really interesting reading to me!! Love, Karen