Monday, December 14, 2009

Update on Gary

I just want to update on how Gary's doing. He looks good in this pic but he actually is in quite a bit of pain. He was still vomiting on Sat. and could not even keep liquids down so the doc put him back on ice chips. (That's miserable) Early sunday morning about 4 the nurse brought him in some pudding 'cause Gare was so hungry. He actually kept it down. So he was on liquids all day yesterday and we took some long walks down the hall to get him moving. He can get up to use the bathroom finally and I'll tell you last night he got up a half dozen times to go. When it hits it hits. He had a lot of visitors yesterday which helps to break up the monotony. He woke up early Sunday in tears because the thought of another LONG day doing nothing was getting to him. I brought up his guitar and some games and I think that helped. This morning the doc came in and said his white blood cell count is up and he wants another cat scan to see if there is any infection in the belly. So no solid food at least until later this afternoon. He actually drank a whol cup of herbal tea and some juice. Improvement there. My hope is that he can come home by Wed. I don't know if that's going to happen but if there's no infection I think it will work.
More Big News
Skylar called from the airport this morning. He first called home and talked to Rick and Kendra and then called my cell phone and talked to Gary and I. He sounds SOOOO good. I loved hearing his voice! He has a 14 HOUR layover in Argentina. He's so excited to practice his spanish. Argentines speak with a castellano dialect so he's not sure he'll be able to understand them. Anyhow, Godspeed my sweet missionary son! I wish you a safe journey!

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  1. I'm so sorry!! If I can help, please let me know. I'll hang out with Gary so you can get a break. I hope he gets to come home today, too.

    Love you,

    PS Thank you so much for the use of the car, we really appreciate it.