Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Gary update

Just a quick update on the Gary situation. Yesterday (Tuesday) his white blood count was up to 21 so the Dr was wanting to go back in to get a look at Gare's insides. Rick and I both felt that it would be a good time to transfer Gary up to Primary Children's. He was transfered by ambulance yesterday afternoon. This is where he was when he had the original surgery and plus there are a team of doctors who can evaluate him. If he needs a specialist we both feel that this is the best place to be.
Right now it's just a waiting game to see how he tolerates the liquid diet. Gary is sooooo wanting to eat, as you can imagine, since it's been 8 days since he's had anything substantial in his belly. His blood count is down to 18 today which is an improvement. These new anti-biotics must be helping. He has been very chipper today and seems to be doing well on the clear liquids. We are hoping that tomorrow he can move up to maybe pudding or mashed potatoes or something. The dr last night said he thinks it could possibly be an itestinal virus that came after the surgery. It takes about 48 hours to determine that. So here we are waiting. At this point I'm hoping that maybe by Friday or Saturday we'll be headed home. Can't say for sure though.
Gary feels pretty comfortabe here but he very much wants to go home.
Christmas is coming and I still have pretty much everything to do to get ready for it. I'm hopeful that I'll have time next week:)
Thank You all for your love and concern. It means a lot to us.


  1. Just wanted you to know you're in my thoughts and prayers! And I can't remember if I told you or not, but I was volunteering at the MTC a couple of weeks ago and ran right into Skylar. I didn't want to get him in trouble so it was a quick yell of "Hey sky- uh...Elder Phelps!" down the hall. He waved and I scurried off to the call center, but he dropped by a few minutes later to talk to me and show me the ropes- he's such a great kid and he'll be an amazing missionary! Love you guys!

  2. So sorry to hear that Gary is still in the hospital. We will keep him in our thoughts and prayers. He is such an adorable young man. Let him know that we are cheering for him and sending well wishes!!!