Saturday, December 19, 2009


How about that? My missionary is in Paraguay! I know I am a biased mother but isn't that the BEST looking missionary you've ever seen! Here he is w/ his companion Elder Villegas from Santiago, Chile. Having a native S. American is going to MAKE him learn that Spanish quickly. Sky had a good trip but they lost one of his bags. Unfortunately it was the one with his clothes in it. Hopefully he's gotten it by now. He says it's about 95 -100 degrees with lots of humidity. He is doing well! They had a baptism the day after he got there and he bore his testimony. He doesn't know if any one understood but at least HE knew what he was saying:] He must of gotten a haircut before he left the MTC 'cause his hair is short!
He looks GREAT!


  1. so exciting! makes me miss paraguay! i wish i was there with him :)

  2. He makes a very handsome Elder. I'm so glad that he made it there with little stress. (I'm sure loosing your clothing might give some a little stress). It is wonderful to have a missionary serving during Christmas. The blessings and tender mercies that the Lord sends....innumerable!

    Hope all in your family are doing well and that Gary comes home soon.

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