Friday, December 18, 2009

Another Gary update (I hope this is the last one. sigh)

Well here we are at day # 10. I am so ready for this boy to come home. He has been doing well the past few days and yesterday started on solid foods. After 8 days of pretty much nothing he thouroughly enjoyed his ravioli and strawberry milkshake:) Since he was able to keep that plus liquid down he has been unhooked from his IV except for when he gets his antibiotic every 8 hours. A few guys from the Grizzlies came to visit (Jake Gannon a backcourt player and Mitch O'keefe a goalie) and they brought him a signed jersey. (Amazingly enough they had beautiful white teeth. Not dentures. I just always picture hockey players with missing teeth:]) Just one of the perks of being at the PCMC over the holidays.
A rumor is going around that the some Jazz players are coming later today. That'd be sweet! I swear my husband is such a kid at heart. He loves cartoons. He saw that "The Grinch" was on TV and snuggled up to Gare and they were both just having a hoot. Of course, Rick was cracking jokes through it. Gary's in stiches. HAHA
Well, the news for today is that Gare's White Cells were up yet again so at noon they took another CAT scan. There is still a bunch of fluid in his abdomen so they are going in either tonight or in the morning with a needle and sucking the stuff out. Sounds fun, huh? Luckily, Gare will be sedated and won't remember a thing. The word is that maybe he can head home either tomorrow or Sunday. If there is infection inside of him they'll insert a picc line for us to administer his meds through. Until we get the word though he can't eat or drink anything. Right now he is very agitated because he is HUNGRY and EXTREMELY bored and wants to go home. I can't say as I blame him.
Hopefully he can eat soon.......again.
Where are those Jazz players when you need 'em?

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