Thursday, December 31, 2009

Family NIght Talent Night

For family night we all did a talent. Here are some pictures of our AMAZING selves:) Trent gave us a somersault. Well....actually it was a half of a somersault and it took some courage to get that far. HAHA Since we only got half of a talent he redeemed himself with a FULL pushup!
The Rickster gave us a memorized poem and finished off with a headstand. Yes, that's my baby!
On Kait and Alyssia's turn they put on the "I cannot pay the rent" skit.

"Afterwards Kaitlyn sang
"Because I Have Been Give Much"
she has a beautiful voice!
Christopher (who surprised me with his booming bass) sang
"Stars" from Les Mis.
Wow! he can sure sing!
Kallie played a flute solo and gave a smashing performance.

After everyone was finished Kendra wanted to prove to herself that she could still do a handstand. Woohoo....she did it!

Other amazing talents......Gary read a story, Kathy recited a poem, I lectured on our Life Histories (not really a talent, I know) Julie did a magic trick, Jenni and Kendra told jokes and THAT folks is THE END!

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  1. Hey what a FUN way to spend New Year's Eve. (I don't know whether or not you did your family night ON New Year's Eve, but it was really nice of you to do your POST on that night!!) I haven't talked with Kathy yet, but I'm assuming you guys all got home okay on New Year's Day. I'm just delighted that you all got to be together like you were. How wonderful! Love, Karen