Monday, October 28, 2013

Halloween Party 2013

On Friday night we had our 24th Halloween Costume Party!  That is a lot of years to be hosting this party but we always have a good time.  We met together at the first and got our annual picture.  Five out of the eight couples came in costume which made it fun.  Here is a picture of our whole group!  We were missing Hal and Janis this year who couldn't make it because of work:(
Rick and I dressed as a Cowboy and an Indian
I wish I could have found some long black braids to go with my costume!
Darla and Larry came as a hunter and a moose!
Those glasses are supposed to help Larry 'spot' his moose a little easier:)
Here's a closeup of Darla.  I LOVED her costume! 
Check out her eyelashes!

Brent and Lar came as the large and small plates of brass:)
Darrell  and DeeAnn came as deer hunters. 
Yes, those are REAL guns!!
Trent ande Kathy came as a couple of Hawaiian tourists!
Kathy's mumu was hilarious!

We enjoyed an evening of good food...(an array of appetizers and four different soups plus a delicious blackberry dessert from Karen.)  Dinner was fun because we got a lot of good visiting in!    I don't know what happened at the game portion of our night but frankly I thought they were kind of lame.  We played pictionary and reverse charades and I don't think we'll be doing that again anytime soon!  It was interesting to see that the party was over by 10:00.  I house was empty at 10:00!!  That has never happened before.  I think we are not as young as we were 24 years ago and the late hours are not as friendly to us.  In any case we might have to adjust what we do in the future.  I have been thinking that maybe we will end this tradition after next years 25th party.  Rick and I are thinking to do something special for next year........we'll see!

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  1. It was interesting to US, too, to think that it got over so EARLY, but I actually thought it was LOTS of FUN, Janell!! It usually goes till midnight, or after, and remember that one year we all stayed up till nearly 5:00 in the morning, watching all 6 episodes of the BBC version of "Pride and Prejudice" when it first came out?? That was SO MEMORABLE!!
    This party this year truly WAS fun, though--and the reason we all left so early, I'm sure--is just because everyone's getting so much OLDER--(like you said!) I told Dennis that I really LOVED that party the other night. I really enjoyed getting together with all you brothers and sisters of ours, and I appreciated so much, the wonderful atmosphere and good spirit we feel in your home. Thanks so very much for having the party!! Love, Karen