Sunday, October 13, 2013

Josh Groban Concert

For our Mother's and Father's Day presents this year Skylar and Sarah gave Rick and I and Clyde and Sharon tickets to the Josh Groban Concert.  We have waited since the middle of May for the date of the concert to get here.  Friday night was it.  We doubled with Clyde and Sharon and started with dinner at Tepanyaki, a family favorite. 
Neither of them had been there and I think they enjoyed the experience:) 
Clyde and Sharon and their two youngest children have been living in our basement for about a month now.  They are having a house built in Carriage Crossing so while it is in construction they will be staying in our home.  It's nice for Skylar and Sarah when they come to visit....they get to visit both families and not have to leave the house:)  We really don't see much of the Rigby's because Clyde generally works out of town on the weekdays (he works for the railroad) and Sharon works for the Tooele County School District as a speech pathologist.  They are both gone by the time I get out of bed.  (That makes me sound lazy doesn't  it)  Their son Ben is working for Turf It Landscaping and will be leaving for the Eugene, Oregon mission in December.  Their daughter Mary is a junior at Grantsville High and is involved with student government and basketball.  They are both outstanding  kids.   Clyde and Sharon's other two boys John and Matt live in SL where they work and go to school.
Back to Friday night......
The four of us at Tepenyaki's
Our tickets were in the lower bowl at the very top row.  The stage was a round one so there were people all around the arena.  When we first got there there was a lady named Judith Hill performing.  (I guess she was a finalist on "The Voice".  I don't watch that show)  While she had a great voice I couldn't understand the words she was singing and the speakers were turned up SUPER LOUD!!   I am losing a bit of my hearing and it was hurting MY ears.....I can't imagine what all those young ears were feeling!  Luckily, I had a handy kleenex in my purse so I plugged my ears.  What a relief that was.  At first Rick declined the offer of kleenex then when it got too bad he relented and plugged his ears too.  I was sitting next to Sharon and I was trying to be nonchalant about the whole ear thing because that's kind of embarrasing to have to do.  The health of my hearing won out and I pretty much used them the whole time.  I must be getting old!!
When Josh came out the crowd went wild and he started singing right off.  WOW!!   He was OUTSTANDING!!  He sang songs from his new album as well as his classics.  My favorites were the classics.  "To Where You Are", "You Raise Me Up", "Vincent", and "The Prayer" are just a few of them.  He also sang many in different languages as he is wont to do.  I loved the concert! 
His rich and full voice is just as great live as on his CD's.
This is the best picture I got.  We were up on the 29th row:)

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