Sunday, October 13, 2013

Taryn's Baby Shower

Mark and Taryn Baker had a baby born for them this past week.  Emry Leigh Baker was born on Thursday and weighed 6lbs 7oz and was 19 1/2 inches long.  She has a beautiful black head of hair and is doing very well.  Emry will be coming home from the hospital today!
Yesterday afternoon was her baby shower.  It was held here in my home and we had a wonderful time!  I have been working for a few weeks to do a few extras for the shower decor.  It has been a lot of work....they always are..... but it is so satisfying to have a new mommy (or bride to be) excited and happy for her special party!  We were so hoping that the Dr. would release Emry from the hospital so that we could all see her but....nope, she needed to be there one more day:(
Julie Dee made this awesome cake for the dessert table centerpiece.
She is so very talented!
Kendra made the chocolate covered pretzels! 
They looked so festive with the orange ande brown!
Here's a look at the dessert table.  Kallie made the cupcakes and they were delish!
How about that cute emry leigh swag!
I found these cute acorn donut holes on etsy and they were so easy to make!
A peek at one of the table settings.  We also used the dining room. 
We had just enough seats for everyone.
Kallie made the pumpkin filled flower centerpiece. 
Here's the wishing tree to write a wish for Emry.
Notice that cute pillow with Emry's name.
I made that!!
A fun collage.  There's a picture of Emry on the bench!
There's my second pillow.  This one was a little more work because it was all words.
It says, "Sugar and spice and everything nice that's what little girls are made of."
Hannah Allen helped me sew the perimenter of the pillows because my sewing machine is down.
The mantle
Again, Kallie with the flowers.
I made the onesie swag with appliqued pumpkins and acorn.
Isn't that close up of Emry sweet.  It was the only displayed picture with her eyes open!
The gift table
(oops, I should of ironed that)
The buffet....the soups were amazing!
Pictures of some of the guests.....
 Robyn and Sandi
Taryn and her mom Devyn
Tracy, Kallie, and Ambry
Julie, Kendra, Jenni, Allie, and Hannah
Taryn and her cute new puff quilt from Aunt Deeann
......and last but not least my favorite little guy!

The party was a success and Taryn recieved a lot of cute girlie clothes, blankets, headbands, baby towels and washcloths, burp cloths etc....  She was very grateful and excited for everything.
After the shower Rick, Kendra, Rafe and I were able to go to the hospital to see little Emry.  She is so darling.  Congrats to the whole Baker family!!  This little baby will bring such joy into their lives!  We all love her so much already!  I'm thankful that Emry's birth mother had the courage to give this little baby a chance of a life with a mother and a father that will love her forever!


  1. Looks like you "out-did" yourself AGAIN!! What a wonderful shower that turned out to be!! Everything looks SO ADORABLE! You really made things look and BE terrific! I can't believe you are so amazing, Janell! Putting the time into those pillows was work enough to keep you busy for HOURS--but look at all the REST you did! Just FANTASTIC!! (I'm so sorry I couldn't be there. Dennis has been really, really sick this week--but is better some today...just a bad cold. I'm trying to NOT get it!) :) Hopefully we'll see you on the 25th! Love, Karen

  2. So thrilled that Mark and Taryn finally have a daughter. She will be dearly loved....

  3. How wonderful, Congrats to the new Mommy and Daddy, and ALL.

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