Friday, December 13, 2013

Christmas Lights

Hello Blogging World!!  It's been a while!
After our temple shift on Wednesday, Rick and I stayed in town to see the lights on temple square.  We were hungry so we started our night in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building up on the 10th floor at The Garden Restaurant.  Delicious food!!  (On our temple days we don't have time for lunch so by dinner......look out!)  We started with a fun appetizer of cheese and bacon covered potato chips served with ranch dressing.  Super unhealthy but WOW!  I had the asian chicken salad and Rick had the parmesan encrusted chicken over pasta.  We had a nice seat next to the fountain!
Here we are with the temple lights way below us.
I wanted to be sure and stop at the candy windows at Macy's because they are just really cool!
This one was my favorite!
The world in a candy wrapper.  (sorry it's blurry)
"Santa Paws"
This elephant was fun.  I loved the long licorice eyelashes!
This is not my favorite picture of Rick because he has chipmunk cheeks:).....
but look at the temple!  It was so pretty!
The reflection pond was really nice with a small nativity and floating lights.  There was one massive old pine tree by the east gate that was covered from trunk to tippy top branch with thousands of red lights!  I loved that tree!  We meandered over to the Nativity and listened to the narration there for a few minutes and then we decided that we were too cold and so we headed back to the car.  I was kind of hoping for a nice horse and buggy ride but at that point all I wanted was to be home in my cozy house with the fireplace going.  Seriously, the temperatures have been so cold this past week.  It feels more like January than December. 
 Once the sun goes down.....Forget it!  Get me inside!!
It was a wonderful night with my sweetie, though!

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  1. I didn't realize you work in the temple, how nice! Love the pictures. Merry Christmas!