Thursday, October 10, 2013

Jazz Season Tickets

Earlier this year Superior Asphalt did some work for Miller Motorsports Park.  Brach sold the job and it was a big one!  The Miller guys wanted to make payment a little easier for themselves so they asked if they could do a little bit (or rather a lot of bit) of payment on trade.  Part of their payment were season tickets to the Jazz games.  We  got our tickets last week in the mail and split them three ways with Brad and Darrell.  On Tuesday evening Rick and I went to the first preseason game. 
they played the Golden State Warriors.  The seats are good ones on the 16th row looking at the Jazz bench.  This is the view from our seats.
What's really fun about these tickets is that with each game we also get to have a buffet dinner in the Legends Club before each game.  We started off our meal with the cold foods.....
Second course was the hot stuff......
and then a light dessert.  Fruit and a cakepop!
After dinner we enjoyed the first half of the game.  One fun thing that happened is that as we were watching the jumbotron (you know how they capture candid moments of the audeience) we saw Mindy Beckett's face pop onto the screen.  I yelled, "Hey, there's Mindy"! 
I ask you, "How often do you get to see someone you know big as life on the jumbotron??"
Cool Stuff!!
At halftime we headed back to the Club for yet more food!!  There was a great variety of desserts to choose from.  (This  is not the time nor place for Weight Watchers) .  These were Rick's delights!  I settled for a couple of cookies.  Then we both took a small bag of popcorn back to our seats.  I tell you,  "This is the way to see a Jazz game.  It was so much fun feeling like a VIP!!
Rick with his goodies back in our seats!
Here's the final score!  The Jazz came out on top!
Thanks Superior!!  It should be a fun season!


  1. Hehehe!! That was super embarrassing being on that enormous screen. It was really funny too, cause the group I was with had just been talking about how embarrassing it would be to be up there. :)

  2. So glad you got to DO that!! Lance and Jen get to do that every once in awhile, compliments of Meleleuca--the company Jen works for. They get really good front row seats, and get to eat in that special "box", too, and they say it's really delicious and FUN. One of the players tossed his basketball to their son Tristan last fall when Tris and Jen went without Lance. Jennifer took a picture of Tristan, holding the ball and smiling proudly! And a different time, Lance made a video of a clip with Jennifer and Ryan when they came up on the t.v. while Lance was home. He showed it to all of us and they were truly right in the middle of the action!
    It's nice that YOU guys get to be a part of all that action, now, on a regular basis! Good luck on future Good Times! (Love, karen