Friday, October 4, 2013

Pictures of Fall

Fall is here in all of it's glory. 
Today the high will only get into the 50's and I am looking out my window and can see that Tooele got a little snow.  Thankfully it has not hit Grantsville yet. 
I don't mind waiting a little longer for that:)
Here are a couple of random pictures that were taken this past week as we have enjoying the cooler tempratures of October.
Rafe in his cute flannel shirt playing with a pumpkin
Grandpa and Rafe at the Farmer's Market in downtown SLC
Rafe cheking out another pumpkin.
He didn't like the feel of the straw underneath him:)
Monday night for FHE we went up to Settlement Canyon again.  The fall colors were in abundance!
Here's Rick and I taking a selfie.
Tuesday was Darla Belle's birthday and she wanted to hike Silver Lake so DeeAnn and I picked her up and drove up Big Cottonwood Canyon.  We had lunch at the Silver Fork Lodge where we  sat on the patio and were swarmed with bees!!  No one got stung but they sure were annoying.  
 We did make a fun memory though!
Here we are as we begin our hike.
Halfway around we get a beautiful view of the lake and peaks
I love the fall! 

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  1. Nice fall pictures!! Dennis loves the fall, too--but I don't especially. Lots of the major changes in our lives have occurred in the fall--like Dennis getting drafted one autumn and him heading to Viet Nam the next--so not the greatest of feelings there. Plus our oldest--Wade--took off for Argentina in the fall--and it was fall for Blaine's Lithuania mission. (of course, missions create MIXED feelings...)
    Little Rafe is such a sweet little doll. I LOVE to see pictures of him!!
    And I'm sure glad none of you got stung by those annoying bees! We had them at our little Hone Family Reunion on this Labor Day week-end and three got stung---including ME!!! Thanks for your Post, Janell!
    Love, Karen