Sunday, October 20, 2013

Rafe turns ONE!!

Yesterday Rafe had his 1st birthday! 
Isn't he so adorable?
Brach and Kendra hosted a party at their home in Stansbury.  Kendra wanted to have a baseball theme for their little slugger.  She served up some chicken salad and chips.
This is a look at the dessert table. 
She had made these twinkie "corn dogs".......
....and some chocolate covered oreos "baseballs"
Rafe's "birthday cake"
The Boman boys
Kendra's high school friend, Jacee, brought her little daughter, Jacobi, over for the party.
There's Burke and Leesa in the background!
Leesa came dressed for the occasion.  She is truly a "baseball mom with all of her boys!
Brach helping Rafe open his presents.
Rafe digging into his cuppie!
Having fun on one of his presents!!
Giving cousin Noah a ride!
We sure love this little guy!  He brings us sooo much joy!
Happy birthday Rafers!!

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  1. What a cute THEME, and what a cute BOY!! He's a darling One Year Old!!
    I really like those "corn dog" twinkies and the oreo baseballs--How Clever!
    Looks like the Party was a huge World Series Winner!! :)