Sunday, May 5, 2013

Swiss Temple and into France

So it's Sunday morning about 11:45.  Rick and I have just returned from Sacrament Meeting there at the church next to the Bern Temple.  Everything was in German so it was difficult to understand.  A baby was blessed and a young father got up with his newborn baby to give him a blessing.  As I watched his brothers stand up to help give this baby a blessing I was touched at the thought of Priesthood and family coming together to bless this little one's life.  I'm grateful to have the Priesthhood in my home through the worthiness of my husband.  Our family is so very blessed because of the Priesthood.  Even for or ESPECIALLY FOR those of my children who are not living the gospel at this time.
Yesterday we attended the 9:00 session at the Bern temple.  It was very nice.  I felt especially close to those of my ancestors from this area.  I'm thankful to be here:)
After the temple we drove to the Ammental Cheese Factory.  It has been around for a couple of centuries.  We did not have a lot of time so we did a self guided tour.  Here's Rick at the old Cheesemaking house. 
The beautiful Emmantal Valley
We stopped at a bakery for this wonderful bread that I saw in the window.  I just had to get it.  I knew that we would need food for Sunday so with this and the wonderful smoked swiss cheese from the factory as well as some Lindt truffles we've had ourselves quite the Sunday Brunch:)  This bread is actually called Sunday Bread and it is made on Saturday so people can have it for Sunday.
After Ammental we headed toward the border.  We didn't have enough days to stay in France so we decided to take a day trip.  It felt like a long time in the car but it was worth it. 
Here's Rick posing at the border.
We drove into a town called Pontarlier and enjoyed walking the streets.
I love the facade of these buildings.  They reminded me of the setting of The Scarlet Pimpernel.  These buildings were around at the time of the French Revolution.
Eating in France was an experience. We found a little place and when the menu was brought out I could not understand one thing.  The manager did not speak a lick of English so through some pantomiming we figured out we were in a Crepe place.  We ordered the best we could!  Luck was on our side because they were great!  It was a perfect light dinner. 
Now I think I'll settle down next to my cute snoring husband and take a Sunday nap!  Bye!

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