Saturday, May 4, 2013

Lucern and Rothenbach

Thursday we left Zurich.  We didn't get to see much of this city because most of our time that we planned for Switerland was going to be geared toward family history and we needed to get to Emmanthal.  Before we left Zurch we stopped at the Lidnt factory to pick up some delicious chocolatesand then headed out to Luzern.  We got to Luzern just in time to get to our lunch show.  This was really fun!  We were there with a bus load of senior citizens and let me tell you.....these people know how to have a good time:)  Lots of clapping and hooting and hollering.  We started out with swiss cheese fondue served with rye bread.  While it was too strong for me Rick LOVED it!!  I was glad to let him have all he wanted.  During the three courses that were served we got to watch a fun Swiss musical show.  The men blew the huge mountain horns.....(Rick got to try blowing one too.  It was funny!!)...and there was yodeling, accordian playing, spoon playing, broom playing and saw playing just to name a few.  You would have to see it to understand what I'm talking about but it was a great show to see!!
Shoot!  I just erased Rick eating fondue....but here's the outside of the restaurant.
On the old bridge by the Russ River
The facades of these buildings are so pretty!
After seeing a little of Luzern we started our drive through Emmanthal.  Emmanthal is up in the hills where many dairy farmers are.  Emmanthal Swiss cheese is very famous.  This is where the other part of my Swiss heritage comes from.  It is very beautiful and these pictures do NOT do the area justice.
We drove through a few of the towns that my ancestors came from.  They are Schaugnau, Signau, and Rothenbach. My great great grandmother Mary Ann Stucki was just a child when she left with her parents to go to Zion.  She was from Rothenbach.  She has  an amazing story!  It is actually written in a book and I cherish it.
Rothenbach Village. 
It started raing really hard when we got here.  A huge hailstorm was just pelting our car.  Lightning and thunder were all around us.
We ran inside the church to get a quick peek.  This is where the Stucki's (pronounced Shtookees in German) would have attended their services.
We will go back and spend more time on Sunday in these quaint village towns.

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