Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Capitol Reef Weekend

This past weekend a large group of Rick's family spent the holiday in Capitol Reef National Park.  Capitol Reef has long been a fun spot for our family!  On Friday, our first full day there, many of us went on a hike to see the the pioneer registry.  Many pioneers as they walked through this area scratched their names in the rocks along with the date that they were there.  There were many from the 19th century.  We also went on to "the tanks" a natural bowl where the pioneers were able to get water.  I only have pictures of this one day which is sad because we truly had a wonderful 3 1/2 days.   We ended the hike with a picnic in Fruita. Of course, we had to get soda and goodies from the Fruita store.  That afternoon we went swimming and then in the evening we played group games in the lobby.  First Tellestrations and then Reverse Charades!  Fun Stuff!

On Saturday another group went on the hike into the Goosenecks.  This hike is a little more challenging than the other.  Most of the hike follows the Fremont River and we crossed it many. many times.  I was grateful to have worn my crocs.  It is a five mile hike and there were some tricky spots to get through. Rafe came along on Brach's back and did amazingly well!!  He didn't make much noise throughout the whole hike!  He loves the outdoors and slept quite soundly in his little backpack:)  We were all ready for the hike to end after nearly four hours of hiking.  We had a really nice dinner that night at the Rim Rock restaurant.
     Sunday was a wonderful day as well.  We attended church in Torrey and had such a wonderful experience!  All of the meetings were exceptional and the ward members were so kind.  We had lunch at the Fruita Park and enjoyed being together.  After a Sunday nap we enjoyed playing Ticket to Ride to end the evening. 
     On Monday, after Rick did some four-wheeling we made the trek home.  It felt good to walk through the door.  I wanted to get to the cemetery before dark so after unpacking we drove across town.  I love the cemetery on Memorial Day!  It was so beautiful with all of the graves decorated so nicely.  It was nice to see all of the families visiting the graves of loved ones.  We have many friends and a couple of family members who have passed on and are buried in this cemetery.  All in all it was a great weekend! I wish I took more pictures!

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  1. That was indeed an enjoyable trip!! Rafe was absolutely AMAZING the WHOLE, WHOLE time!! He hardly ever made a peep, and seemed SO HAPPY every time we were around him. I just grew to LOVE that little guy! I couldn't believe how well he did on his daddy's back on those long hikes! He seemed so contented. I took about 15 pictures of him--He's SO adorable!

    That Tellestrations game sure was fun! I appreciate that you introduced it to us 'cause I think it'll be a good one for our grandkids to join in with--along with our grown kids. Wade has already ordered it for a Father's Day present to our household!! :)

    I agree with you about loving the beautifully decorated cemetery on Memorial Day. After we visited with Jason and Linnie, we drove all alongside Flaming Gorge Reservoir and were pleased to get home in time to go to our cemetery here locally and visit graves of our loved ones. Thanks again for letting us come on that fun trip! You have such a gracious, winning way about you, Janell. Love, Karen