Thursday, May 16, 2013


Rafe turns seven months on Sunday! 
Some of his accomplishments are:
*army crawl (so close to crawling)
*sitting up from a laying position
*reaching with both hands and grabbing on to toys
*smiles and laughs a lot
*pushes around in a walker
AND provides us with hours of entertainment!!
Here are some random photos of him in the last few weeks.....
We love this boy so very much!!


  1. Wow--I can't believe that he's already seven months old! I saw him just the very day after he was born and it seems like just a few short WEEKS ago! And just to think--he can already sit up from a laying position? How smart! What a little DOLL he is!! I'm sure you're not exaggerating when you say he provides you with 'hours of entertainment'--it's amazing how mesmerized we get with these darling little grandchildren! Thanks for keeping us up to date on his 'accomplishments'. He'll likely be crawling before you know it! Love, Karen

  2. He is such a cutie and love those kissable tulip lips. I see the chair by the stairs...time for the baby gate. Aren't you having a great time being grandparents. Spoil, spoil, spoil, but mainly with love......