Sunday, May 12, 2013

European Treasures

Last night we had all of the kids over in celebration of Kaitlyn and Alysiia's 21st birthday.  We took the time with all of them there to give them the trinkets we bought them in Europe.  A few of the things that we brought back were: a musical doll for Alyssia from Salzburg; a handmade apron and oven mit as well as a wooden spoon set from Prague for Kaitlyn;  two more wooden spoon sets for Kendra and Sarah, as well as aprons from Germany (they had cute tiny German women on them) and each of the girls got a scarf from Salzburg.  Many women where scarfs in europe.  Oh yeah,  I found a lavender stand so I bought them a little sachet as well!  The boys each got a t-shirt from Switzerland, some French Cologne, and some Swiss Chocolates.  It was fun to search out and find little souvenirs for each of them.
As for me I found a few things that I liked.  First,  these are my two Bohemian Crystal pieces.  The vase is handcut and VERY heavy.  The pitcher was an afterthought but we were going to leave Prague and we thought , "What the Heck!  Let's do it!"  So we did.  I wish I could have gotten some glasses to go with it but two things....they were extremely expensive beginning at $70 per glass plus we didn't know how we would get them all home. glasses.  But I love this pitcher and we will use it often!!   It is also handcut and it is hard to see in the picture but it is very ornate:
In Prague I found this handmade (would you call this a doily??)  I don't know what to call it but I love it!!  It looks so great on my dining room table! 
This is a closeup of the little hand sewn flowers.  I'm amazed at how talented people are.  I thought more on that fact all of the time that I was on vacation particularly as I visited the many cathedrals.  To see the paintings, carvings, and architecture of these buildings (as well as the amazing music that was written) beginning in the 1600's is just incredible to me.  There were truly some great minds at work in those days. 
I had wanted to bring home a music box from my first days on vacation but didn't see anything that I really wanted.  So on our last day in Switzerland (Interlaken) when I found this cute little guy I was thrilled!  It plays a melody called Swiss Yodel. 
My Swiss beanie:) 
Oh yeah,  I bought that other hat in Germany too.  I reiterate...I LOVE that hat:)
Here's Rick's collection of hats from each country. His Cute German one is smack dab in the middle.   A few years ago we started collecting items from the different places that we visit.  He collects ball caps while I collect ...........
These are shown in the order bought....oops except the last two.  I accidentally switched those:(
Prague, Germany (cowbell), Germany (traditional), Austria,(my favorite) Liechenstein,
Switzerland (my second favorite), and France.
We also brought home some Swiss chocolates (from our Lindor Factory stop) and also not shown is our
CUCKOO CLOCK!!  It should be here in a few weeks:)

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  1. I kinda figured you wouldn't be able to come back from a big trip like that without a cuckoo clock! :) That pitcher is BEAUTIFUL, and I absolutely LOVE that vase! I'm eager to see those lovlies in person! Your doilie cloth is really nice, too. And I really like your bells. I'd be happy to see your whole collection one of these times. Isn't it great that you were able to get all those fun souvenirs in your luggage?? Oh--and that Lindor Swiss chocolate sounds heavenly, TOO! (I'm surprised you made it home with any of it...) :) Love, Karen