Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Yesterday (Tuesday) was a travel day.  We left Salzburg and started toward Switerland.  We only traveled maybe 250 KM but we made stops along the way so we didn't get to the hotel until 10:00 last night.  One of our detours was to the small country of Liechtenstein.  It is only about 60 square km in size.  Very small, but sandwiched in between Austria and Switzerland, it is beautiful.  We stopped in the Capital city, Vaduz, to pick up our collector souvenirs.  A hat for Rick and a bell for me:)  Here are a few pictures of the area.
Oh yeah, we found this cool tree.  The bark totally loooked like camouflage.
Into Switzerland we went.  Something that was amazing were the tunnels that we drove through.  We should have counted them because there were a lot.  These tunnels went right through the mountains. One of them was 14 km long.  It's amazing!  We also passed by some picturesque lakes with villages built up around them.
These are some waterfalls (flums) flowing out of the magnificent Alps.
We pulled off to see if we could get closer to the flums (not much success there) and found this cow wearing none other than the famous Swiss cowbell.  I had to get a picture:)
Speaking of bells, as we were driving along a little road off the highway we stopped to get a beter picture of the waterfalls.  Not very far away we could see a group of goats grazing field.  We kept hearing ringing bells and so we drove closer to take a look.  It was so cool!  As we got closer the ringing got louder and we realized that the goats were all wearing bells around their necks and as they would move their heads to eat their bells would ring.  I loved it.  It was just another thing that I had never seen before.  Fun Stuff!!

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  1. Janell--I have had such a wonderful time reading about your fantastic adventures!! Earlier this week I printed off your whole blog of your European Trip and took the write-up with me as I rode to Spokane with Dennis for a little business trip. I read aloud your whole writing and we both found it to be extremely interesting!! Thank you SO MUCH for keeping us abreast of things you're doing--it sounds SO FUN!! You two are REALLY adventuresome and we think you're GREAT!! It's nice that you're recording things like this. You'll sure love seeing all this write-up and recalling little experiences as the years go along. I look forward to talking with you about it! Love, Karen